Apple Wants You to Pay Attention to Beats by Dre Products…

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It looks like Apple is trying to boost sales of Beats by Dre products. They’re temporarily offering a 10 percent discount on Beats headphones and speakers, both online and in stores. 9to5Mac says the price cut will be offered until August 23rd, “according to a source”.

+Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers Is Now Head of iTunes Radio…

Beats products have recently been given a dedicated section of Apple’s online store.


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10 Responses

  1. Rikki

    My old technics 1200 black dj headphones still sound better at less then 1/2 the price sorry apple you overpaid

    • Nina Ulloa

      even if beats were $100 I’d still choose Audio Technica

  2. mgmn

    They can take their shitty, overpriced ‘Dre’ products…(‘Dre products’…wtf??) stuff them up their asses for nothing and fuck of while they are doing it……thats all..:)

  3. FarePlay

    It has nothing to do with perfect acoustics. These are bass heavy, expensive ghetto blasters built for that crowd. The marketing worked so well that people who don’t listen to that music bought them, in droves.

    Apple’s impressed with Beats success with audio device marketing and Apple is getting into the music home entertainment business with Beats Music at the center and an iPad coordinating all of it.

    The gypsy told me so.

  4. Thedenmaster

    Beats are pretty crappy headphones. I hate that we will have to mix for them.