Rustie Releases a Video Game Stream of His Forthcoming Album…

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Electronic producer Rustie has joined the growing number of musicians creating digital worlds to accompany their albums.

Rustie has released a preview of his new album Green Language through an online video game. The game was made in collaboration with coder Hunter Loftis.


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Players explore a world that looks like a lo-fi Minecraft, using the keyboard to control movements. Players look for golden monuments that play album tracks when touched.


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If players find every monument, reaching the pyramid at the end of the game, they’ll unlock a full album stream ahead of release. Green Language drops on August 26th.


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5 Responses

  1. Paul Resnikoff

    Sounds fun to create (I haven’t played it). But does it work? At least from the vantage point of generating awareness and sales?

    • Nina Ulloa

      probably not beyond existing fans. but i feel like electronic artists are in a race to do the most obscure and weird album previews.