Pandora Is Now the Fifth Largest App In the US…

…and they still lost $11 million last quarter.

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Source: comScore U.S. Mobile App Report.  Written while listening to Steve Aoki.

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  1. Anonymous

    And Youtube number two. That’s the two least-paying streaming services right there on top. People need to quit complaining about Spotify and open their eyes to the actual problem.

    • Me

      Fwiw, Pandora was our 4th largest source of digital revenue in June 2014, behind iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. YouTube was 5th. This is all based on sound recording royalties, and not song writing royalties.

      • Anonymous

        Just imagine how your revenue would be if Youtube were paying a competitive streaming rate per play. You’d be making more from streaming than downloading already, and artists would be complaining much less about streaming.

        • Caption Obvious

          So what you are saying is if YouTube paid me more money, I’d be paid more money? Nawww, that sounds too good to be true.

  2. TuneHunter

    Pandora is great and should continue to deliver advertising and subscription free music!
    Let’s just convert it to $5B discovery based MUSIC STORE!

    • TuneHunter

      …iTunesRadio @ #11 too!
      Then Shazam at the bottom would jump to #3 and could ask for $5B IPO – so SIMPLE!

    • TuneHunter


      Streaming is the best method of delivery and despite of our fast times will have longer life span than CDs.

      We just have to harness streaming in proper business model so it can deliver overdue cash to streamers and music industry. Not so complicated but it has to be done as a united effort
      of the industry or enlightened entity like Google, Apple or Amazon.

  3. Jethro

    The experience is great, but the royalties suck and Pandaro’s salesmen are great at selling SPAM around my music. Wall Street hates the business model. Revenues are up and losses are up. Shitty business model. Great user experience. Give control back to the artists and let them give Pandora a cut. Everyone will be bettr off.

  4. Mike

    I wonder if the popular artists were to start letting the listeners in on streaming thief’s weather they would
    change their buying habits?