I’m Kate Bush. And I’d Like You to Put Away Your Cellphone…

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  1. There is something...

    I’m Kate Bush and I still live in the 20th century… This should be the right title.

    • Versus

      Not everything “new” is necessarily “improved”.

      I still listen to Bach.

      • Anonymous

        Besides, her comeback and the phone ban was a huge success. 🙂

    • kate

      no, i just want to see my fans in the eyes and not into dozens of fucking iphones!

      • Anonymous


        And let’s not forget that video piracy today is much more serious than ever before.

        Commenters who still live in the 20th Century — There is something… comes to mind — simply have to understand that modern concert audiences are equipped with video cameras nobody dreamed of a few years ago, and that these cameras will be replaced with broadcast quality gear within this decade.

        You can, in fact, argue that cheap GoPro cameras already are broadcast ready since TV stations actually use them as of right now.

        Add the fact that YouTube Music Key’s ContentID won’t be available to artists unless they sign Google’s new controversial contract — which in effect turns YouTube into the piracy site it was prior to the Viacom case — and we’re facing an entirely new scenario where most artists will be forced to ban cellphones.

        • There is+something...

          Be serious dude. You can’t compare a fan filmed performance, even with the best camera, with a professional official release. You can’t do multi camera works, on stage shots, behind the scene shots… And don’t even think about having a good audio.

          • Anonymous

            “You can’t compare a fan filmed performance, even with the best camera, with a professional official release”

            You obviously live in the past.

            Today’s pirate videos go straight to YouTube and users don’t care. They just mix their illegal footage with ripped mp3s in terrible out-of-sync videos if they’re not satisfied with the audio.

            You simply have to understand that the times have changed and that artists have to adapt.

            Cinemas already ban phones — a guy was recently jailed for 33 months after recording Fast And Furious 6, while another was sentenced to 120 hours’ unpaid work for uploading the video.

            The latter might in fact be the perfect approach to all kinds of IP-theft. Let’s see how these guys like to work for free…

          • There is something

            Your level of stupidity is just too much for me…

          • Anonymous

            Well, you may not like it Nina, but most people in the industry agree with what I said. Nobody likes pirates, and nobody likes constantly distracting lights from the crowd.

      • There is Bsomething...

        Fans = customers pay. THEY chose what they want to do.

        • Anonymous

          …and they’re going to pay if they break the laws, simple…

      • Anonymous

        its too bad isnt it, everyone is starring in their own movie now, the um, stars, are just sideshow background now making an occasional cameo in each persons movie and the people just want to brag to their friends and friends friends hoping they are still duped into thinking yall are the superheroes yall are marketed and sold as…

        the working class are the real heroes, slaving away doing shit work for little pay and treated like shit not to be remembered or trotted around as jesus or who the fuck ever yall market yourselves as today… without them none of yall would be able to do what yall do, and still yall front around with heads swolled up thinking youre something special trying to tell them what to do and shit…

        My show id post up my own security at the door and confiscate the shit when they came in and not beg them for it before hand. if they didnt want to or started whining id have my security pick them up by their collars and their undies and toss em to the middle of the street, cause this is my motherfucking show…

        and of course id make sure they got treated awesome and made it worth their while once the got in…

        but hey what the fuck do i know…


      • Johnny

        I would feel like I was in an alien setting , entertaining a bunch of space creatures holding up gizmos devices … seems they lost touch with reality since the 20th century…..

        • Anonymous


          And what is reality?

          people sitting around placing you on a fucking pedestal ogling you in your greatness doing whatever you say and following your every order and demand while they come out of their pockets for millies and millies cause you are just that awesome?

          no wonder no ones got any fucking sympathy for artists and musos etc. they all think they fucking Jesus or God Walking or whatever the fuck they think they are…

          You are low level service providers, yall got your heads all swolled up and suddenly yall think yall are way more important then you are.

          The reality is the same as its ever been.


      • There is something...

        Someone too lazy to even write a damn handle name shouldn’t speak about morons… But I guess you’re a poor Kate cry baby fan.

        • FarePlay

          The Internet has a serious addiction for content and they’ll take it anyway they can. Change isn’t always good, new isn’t always better.

          The real question is who wants it and why?

          For instance. The rationale for online piracy was a total con job. Kids believing and wanting to believe that piracy was their right after years of manipulation and bad treatment by the gatekeepers. They kept the individual artist out of the conversation by accusing any artist who wanted to get paid for their work as some kind of corporate lackey. And taking the conversation sideways to point to rich artists who don’t deserve the money anyway.

          Turns out it was just a bunch of users who found away to create traffic and sell advertising on the backs of artists, who had no right to have no say in what happens to their work or their public image.

          Poorly produced video, slathered all over YouTube isn’t necessarily beneficial to an artist and most times just obscures and gets in the way of the good stuff. Just because you own a phone that can shoot video doesn’t entitled you to use it everywhere. This is why professional photographers and videographers get signed releases even from errant background people.

          For all those who post “anonymous” comments, none of this should come as a surprise. Or just send Paul a selfie with your name and address.

        • axgrindr

          Hey, There is Bsomething…
          Chose is the past tense of choose so I’m not understanding what you are trying to say.
          It would need to be changed to “they chose what they WANTED to do” or “they CHOOSE what they want to do”.
          Which one did you mean? Your point gets kind of lost with the bad grammar.

          • There is something...

            Don’t speak about grammar when you’re not even able to reply to the right comment.

    • Willis

      Stick to your day job – comedy isn’t your thing. Taking into account how quickly the tickets for her London residency sold out, it appears many people are still very aware that Kate Bush is alive and in demand.

      • Anonymous

        man id sure hope shed be able to sell out a smaller venue. shes from that era, has built a solid fan base through traditional methods and her demographic is more the kind to stick with an artist regardless. she has labels and teams of people and of course she is a woman who gets sympathy from people…

        And she is also returning to live performing, so the hype shouldnt be much more for her then right now… it would be like the fat lady singing if she wasnt able to sell out…

        assholes like me dont have any chance to compete with that kind of stuff…


  2. mac the knife

    This is about building and maintaining the vibe, about everyone in the room being connected, being INVOLVED, participating in the performance. If you’re staring into an camera you’re not actually there, you’re removed from the event and consequently are a void, a drain on the energy in the room. You’re also blocking the view of people behind you. Personally, I think people who use camera should be escorted out for this reason. Copyright is not an issue here. This issue is a very 21 century issue in fact. It wasn’t a problem in the 20th century because we didn’t have smart phones.

    • There is+something...

      Uh ? So people with lighters at rock concerts should have been banned from live events ? If you go to rock, dance, pop events, many people are “hands in the air”, with or without phones. Doesn’t change much.

  3. marc

    She’s absolutely right to do that!
    I mean, have you ever stood at a concert and couldn’t see the artists because of dozens of arms that are up in the air, filming the concert with their phones?
    Also, I can imagine that it must be damn annoying for artists if they want to connect with the audience and all they see when they look down are camera lenses.

    As for piracy – check youtube and you will definitely find some really HighQuality videos of different artists. Not necessarily recorded with an iphone, but some newer digital pocket cameras have an amazing quality.

    • Anonymous

      “it must be damn annoying for artists if they want to connect with the audience and all they see when they look down are camera lenses”

      …not to mention the constant lights from the phones. Lighters were bad enough and they were usually limited to one song at the end of the show.

  4. CharlesS

    Once again, the entire thread was commandeered by a troll. I’m not sure which is more annoying; the troll or the people feeding the troll.

  5. stephen craig aristei

    A few thoughts – I find it fascinating when people today are asked “not to do something” and instead of being respectful of the wish, have to find fault and make excuses…Really ! And i find it further fascinating that with all these forms of communication devices, we as a people find it harder than ever to “communicate” ! The beauty of silence and the beauty of “the moment” are only now beginning to be discovered and valued…..I welcome Kate’s request. It is her prerogative as “THE ARTIST” and we should be willing to accept her wish or not play at all !

  6. BarryCoffing

    I have four kids and I can tell you the precious moments I have lost trying to capture those moments. Once my kids got older and the schools had professional video crews I got to have my show and see it too. Kate is right and well within her rights.

  7. Johnny

    Only idiots and hypocrites who never learned and/or fully attained a high enough IQ and degree of understanding in the profound truth of meaning to the words respect and integrity will pirate,copy n disrespect the wishes of the entertainers they follow and claim to admire … they are low lifes in society

  8. Resistance is futile

    Guys, you’ll have to adapt. you can not stop the progress and the change is inevitable.