White House Nominates Daniel Marti for Piracy Czar…

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Daniel Marti is the White House’s new nominee for Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (also called the “piracy czar”). Marti is Managing Partner at trademark and copyright firm Kilpatrick Townsend, where he “…concentrates his practice on the protection, management, and enforcement of intellectual property assets“.

While at Kilpatrick Townsend, Marti has represented Tory Burch, Adidas, American Eagle, and many more. His services include intellectual property, trademark, copyright, and other related areas.

The last piracy czar, Victoria Espinel, stepped down in August 2013. Espinel is now President and CEO of BSA (The Software Alliance).


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15 Responses

  1. BSA is good

    BSA is doing a great job. Proof: all the “tech” (=piracy) blogs hate them.

      • Anonymous

        Show me a tech blog that isn’t pro-crime…

        And remind me again — why is it you don’t write for a tech blog?

      • why not ask them directly?

        Why don’t you ask Larry Page what his opinion is on the matter?

      • prove us wrong!

        Show me a tech blog that is against piracy. Come on, just one blog. Am I asking too much?

  2. Versus

    Excellent. Will he actually enforce intellectual property law?
    It’s time to finally take real, consistent, action against piracy.
    Consistently and fairly fine pirates, with graduated penalties for repeat infractions, and distribute the proceeds to those who have lost income as a result of piracy.

    • Anonymous

      I begin to think it’s more effective to let pirates work — without pay — for a while.

    • Anonymous

      How do you plan on doing that without monitoring people’s computer usage?

      • Anonymous

        You don’t. You mass monitor people’s computing device usages for possible copyright theft. Disparate times call for desperate measures, and piracy is a serious problem.

        • Anonymous

          Which means taking a huge dump on the Bill of Rights. But record industry revenues take priority here.

        • lame attempt

          That sounds exactly like what a Google fanboy would post on a music blog, to make artists show like lunatics.

          I don’t know any artist who has ties with the NSA.

          I know a lot of tech companies that do.

          • Anonymous

            Wonder if there are any Big Tech companies without ties to the NSA…

            One thing’s for sure: They all spy on you. That’s how they make money from their ‘free’ services.

  3. Hypocrites in the US

    Let me know when the CEO of one of the top 10 tech companies makes a public statement against today’s leak (for those who don’t know – 4chan leaked photos of nude actresses)