Garth Brooks Launches Another Digital Music Store…

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In July, Garth Brooks said he would release his music digitally for the first time, and he’s now launched an entire music store in order to do just that.

Brooks has launched GhostTunes, a new digital music store.  The store’s CEO is Randy Bernard, former CEO of IndyCar and Professional Bull Riders.

Artists will be able to sell their music on GhostTunes as individual songs, album only, or as bundled releases.  Artists like Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, and Coldplay are selling their latest releases on the site.  The press release says the store “offers a catalog of million songs and products”  It’s unclear if they meant to say “a million” or “millions”.

Brooks’ entire catalogue is available on GhostTunes.  For $29.99, fans can get Brooks’ past eight studio albums and pre-orders of his two upcoming releases.

The only noteworthy feature of the store is the ability to sell releases as full-album only.  The design of the site is a little wonky and the logo looks like a less polished version of the Ghostly International logo.


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8 Responses

  1. The Ghost Of Jerry Garcia

    Is the, ahem, “Chris Gaines” album ?! Hee Hee ! 🙂

  2. Ben Grimm

    I hope this proves a successful venture for Garth and his business partners.

  3. Anonymous

    Someone is on the right track. Music industry to exist has to have sellable PRODUCT!

    New fair use act can do JUST THAT!

    Next day all Radio stations including Pandora, XM, also Spotify twisted to Pandora mode will become MUSIC STORES! $100B music industry by 2020

  4. FarePlay

    “The only noteworthy feature of the store is the ability to sell releases as full-album only.”

    Nina, your post reads like someone who got a homework assignment on a subject they hated. Let’s face it, there’s too much missing from your post to make that statement. One fact that would be helpful to know is what is the compensation model? Do you need to go through a service to get your songs on there. Stuff like that.

    There are a lot of us who believe that the best case scenario is for artists to own their distribution, both sales and streaming. So, I say stetsons off to Garth for doing just that.

    “For $29.99 fans can get Brooks’ past eight studio albums and pre-orders of his two upcoming releases.”

    If I was a fan, I would jump on that deal, unless I had all the stuff. I just bought a 5 CD Little Feat Set, the first 5 CDs, for $22. at Bull Moose Music in Portland Me. Great Store BTW. I have ’em all on vinyl in my ex-wife’s garage in Cali, but for $22 what they hey.

    So Nina, no cause to pick on Garth. I just wish the bald guy from Spotify would take down the copy of Astral Weeks that’s in all his photos. It’s creepy and it looks like a prop or something.

    Van used to live in Woodacre and his mum and dad owned a little record store in Fairfax. Just being neighborly.

    • Nina Ulloa

      unless you’re a garth brooks fan there’s NO incentive to use this store.. yet.

  5. danwriter

    Here’s what the site looks like this morning:

    “We are improving your experience, please come back later.”

  6. BTW

    Nina do try the GT locker, on both PC and more importantly iphone, upon completing a purchase, Me thinks the experience merits attention as an innovative new open platform take?