“How to Get Ahead in the Music Industry Without Being a Dick” at Red Bull Studios LDN

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On October 2nd Red Bull Studios London will be hosting a free event called “How to Get Ahead in the Music Industry Without Being a Dick“. The event is “a day of workshops, panel discussions and networking aimed at budding talent“.

This event is the first being put together by H.O.W. Music (Helping Other Women). H.O.W. is a collective of women in the industry, born from a PRS panel about women in music. The collective contains members from the BBC, Boiler Room, The Guardian, Roundhouse Radio, and more.

The event will feature talks from Drowned in Sound Editor Sean Adams, Noisey Editor Sam Wolfson, Beggars Group Music Supervisor Amy Ashworth, and others. There will be production and DJ workshops. A lawyer, accountant, and PR expert will be available for 5-10 minute one-on-one help sessions.

Here’s the full schedule for the event. RSVP to workshops and sessions here.

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Welcome 1pm – 2pm: A chance to hear about what inspired HOW, a little look at the challenges women can face in the industry, and an opportunity to meet the women behind HOW and each other.

Production Skills 2pm – 5pm: Learn essential production skills in the Red Bull Studio 1 in this intimate environment. Learn about the control room, live studio, and record. An amazing opportunity to get a taste of engineering and producing – a must for artists and future producers.

Music Industry 101 2pm – 3.15pm: A chance to sit round a table with some of the most influential and exciting people in the industry today. Founders of Transgressive Records Tim & Toby L, Editor of Noisey Sam Wolfson, Owner of Greenman Festival Fiona Stewart, Editor of Drowned in Sound Sean Adams,  and Alice Russell – one of the great British soul singers of her generation. Ask them any question: Should I self release? How to I get to play Glastonbury? Is the album dead? How do I get your job?

Publishing and Sync for Dummies 2pm – 3.15pm :If it’s true that sync is one of the only ways to make a living in music in 2014 we’d better know what it’s all about! Amy Ashworth (Music Supervisor for Beggars Group/Vice) and Piney Gir (MPM Music) will be giving an indispensible guide to everything you need to know about publishing and sync. Essential for future managers, labels, publishers, and writers.

DJ Skills and Industry (1) 2pm – 3.15pm: Learn the basics of what it takes to be an awesome DJ and about the business of DJing, how to get an agent, what to watch out for, and have a go on the Red Bull decks.

Know Your Rights 3.45pm – 5pm: Maternity pay, internships, discrimination, equal pay. We’ll be doing a rundown of basic rights everyone can expect and what not to expect with our employment expert. If you have had bad experiences or if you’ve just started employing people and want to make sure you’re doing things the right way come and ask your Qs.

Negotiating Any Deal 3.45pm – 5pm: Music industry legend Clive Rich (Sony, Napster, BMG, Beatles) is joining music manager Claire Southwick (Transgressive Producers) to discuss how you make sure you get the best deal you can. From indie single deals to selling your company, how can you make sure you get a great deal? Confidence boosting, smart advice.

DJ Skills and Industry (2) 3.45pm – 5pm: Another chance to learn the basics of what it takes to be an awesome DJ and about the business of DJing, how to get an agent, what to watch out for, and have a go on the Red Bull decks.

In conversation with…. 5pm – 6pm: We will be presenting a conversation with, and chance to question, an inspirational woman in music. TBA

Networking Party, DJs & Live Show 6pm onwards: Take the chance to chat to the people you’ve had your eye on all day, enjoy an amazing show and comp drinks.

SPEED EXPERTING – All day we will have a Lawyer, Accountant and PR Expert available for you to book 5-10mins with to get a quick bit of advice on an issue that’s worrying you. Should you start a ltd company or be self-employed? How do I make my band sound great in a press release? Should you I be signing this contract?

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Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    heres a fucking idea… help the budding talent make some fucking money or else provide them with some opportunities that will result in something tangible for them to build from…

    every conference ive ever seen is aimed at given piss poor advice and information all in an effort to keep the real business going, as in paying the tenured industry stooges appearances fees or whatever…

    maybe if the industry itself wasnt comprised of so many dicks, some of their best budding talents would be such dicks, the fucking dicks…

  2. Anonymous

    wouldnt be such dicks, wouldnt be, sory for the typo… cause in full dick mode prick mode in regards to that stinky industry, the shithole…

    never once did it ever do anything in regards to helping me, ever…. if it did it maybe should have said so cause they are not to be trusted or taken at their word for anything ever…

    thats why i avoid it like the plague, cause it seems to be just that…

    good riddance!


    • GGG

      So all your lack of success is because of other people? You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and make the best music?

  3. Anonymous

    Why are there so many people named Richard in this business?? I am perplexed??

  4. danwriter

    “H.O.W. is a collective of women in the industry, born from a PRS panel about women in music.”

    Shouldn’t this be entitled “How to get ahead in the music industry without HAVING a dick?”


  5. Willis

    The music industry does not include fringe companies that want to be part of it like Red Bull.