Spotify Will Be Adding Video Advertisements…

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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek claims that artists will be able to make a living off of Spotify income in the next few years. Video ads are apparently part of Spotify’s plans to bring in more revenue.

Spotify is rolling out two different types of video ads, Sponsored Sessions and Video Takeover. Sponsored Sessions are video ads users can watch on mobile devices  in exchange for 30 minutes of ad free listening. Video Takeover ads are video ad breaks on the desktop version of Spotify.

So far, Coca-Cola, Ford, Target, McDonalds, NBC, Wells Fargo, and Universal Pictures are among those who have signed up. The ads will roll out in the fourth quarter of this year in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, and Sweden. Video ads will go global in 2015.

Ivan Pollard, Senior Vice President of Connections at Coca-Cola, said:

“Spotify are great partners in helping us execute new ways of connecting with people on their platform leveraging data, intelligence and creativity to bring a little refreshment to an already uplifting experience with music.”


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5 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    Well, well, well, what’s next. Whatever it is, it better start paying off fast. I understand CoCa-Cola is not big with the millennials. “leveraging data”. Hmmm.

    • Nina Ulloa

      coca-cola is not big with millennials? as a millennial, i think it’s one of the brands that IS big.

  2. Willis

    Video ads? Fantastic! I have been waiting for more interruptions to my listening experience. I’m sure this new revenue stream will help artists get paid – right?

  3. TuneHunter

    I am not impressed!

    The game can only change if Spotify will become discovery moment based music store.
    Then they will deserve $10B IPO.

    Sub free and ad free with all the members being sales folks to each other!!!
    Nice mixtape? Wow! Listen and enjoy.
    Tune is on you playlist, nice you already have it! Not on your playlist, own it for just 39¢ with commission credit to you Mixtape friend.

    ONLY POSSIBLE with all music ID services working for themselves and the music industry. (currently all but Google burning investors cash to pass to freeloaders someone’s property) NEW FAIR USE ACT AGAIN since the biggest music ID boy, GOOGLE, is content and happy in final stage of adholism!