What the Latest Data Is Saying About T-Shirt Sales…

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Why aren’t you selling any t-shirts?  The answer may have more to do with your genre – and they way fans in that genre behave – than any other factor.   According to data from atVenu, a startup that provides some pretty great merchandising tools, alternative and rock are basically crushing when it comes to merchandise sales.   The company scanned 1,300 different member artists to come up with the breakdown.

Looking at the US market only, country and pop are also doing extremely well.


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The rest basically suck, though there are undoubtedly lots of exceptions.  And even if you’re not in a heavy-hitting merchandise genre, you can still garner lots of sales per user, and per transaction.


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But above all else, know your audience.  This is what sells the best in each genre, besides t-shirts.


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7 Responses

  1. asdf

    wtf is “alternative” in 2014 anyway?

    t-shirts are HUGE in metal, every last fan at a metal show wears a band shirt (and there’s no stigma about wearing the shirt of the band performing). can’t say the same for any other genre really. i guess the genre isn’t big enough to make a big dent on this chart though.

    • Matt

      Metal is the 5th highest in average $ per head, and the four things above it are not exactly known as traditional music outlets. In fact, only J-pop is really primarily about music in the 4 above metal there. Also, I see that “metal” and “heavy metal” are two different genres in these charts. Where is the distinction drawn, and why is there a distinction at all? Especially when rap and hip-hop aren’t split up, and R&B and soul aren’t, either.

      • Randy Nichols

        I asked them and the genre breakdown is based on what genre each artists was tagged with in iTunes. Not perfect but at least we know how they got there.

  2. Eric

    This data is meaningless without knowing the breakdown of how many artists atVenue represents in each genre. The number of artists in each genre will directly impact the volume of sales for that each respective genre.

  3. hippydog

    Classical musicians dont sell boatloads of T-shirts and hoodies?
    im shocked 😉

  4. Anonymous

    In hip hop. They just don’t sell shirts with their name on it nooooo they start a brand. So I would expect shirt sales to be low because its a brand they sell