Tech Companies Slow Down Websites to Support Net Neutrality…

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What would life be like without an open internet?

Today, Wednesday September 10th, a number of websites are showing us what could happen. Tumblr, Kickstarter, Vimeo, Netflix and many other sites have spinning gears to simulate slow load times.

Pop up windows on participating sites give information on the FCC’s proposed open internet rules, which could allow ISPs to have “fast lanes” for select internet traffic. Users can easily enter their information to learn more about the proposed rules and contact a Senator in support of net neutrality.

The goal of this campaign is support the reclassification of broadband internet as a common carrier.

Companies like Comcast are against reclassification. Comcast EVP David Cohen posted a statement online, saying:

“The Courts have laid out a clear path and clear authority (under Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act) for the FCC to adopt robust and legally enforceable Open Internet rules. What we don’t support is reclassification of broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II because it would harm innovation and investment. It would harm the very thing we love about the Internet – the speed at which it can change, adapt, and innovate. And a Title II reclassification is simply not necessary.”

The FCC is allowing public comments about their proposed legislation until September 15th. The public can email to file an official comment.


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