Ray Rice Got Kicked Out of the NFL. So Why Is Dr. Dre Still Working for Apple?

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Ray Rice may never return to the NFL after video surfaced of a violent assault against his wife.  So why is Dr. Dre, who launched an even more brutal attack against a woman and subsequently bragged about it, still working as a top executive at Apple?

Here are the details of Dre’s attack on Dee Barnes after Barnes criticized N.W.A., as published in Rolling Stone.

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“According to a statement issued by Barnes, Dre picked her up and “began slamming her face and the right side of her body repeatedly against a wall near the stairway” as his bodyguard held off the crowd. After Dre tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s restroom. Dre followed her and “grabbed her from behind by the hair and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.” Finally, Dre and his bodyguard ran from the building.

“Far from denying the attack, the members of N.W.A. insist that, as Ren says, “she deserved it – bitch deserved it.” Eazy agrees: “Yeah, bitch had it coming.

“Coming like a motherfucker,” Ren continues, “she shouldn’t have done that.” Barnes says that she was against running the piece in the first place, but Ren disagrees. “She’s lying,” he says. “She had something to do with it. She sure was in that scene with [Ice Cube].”

“And Dre himself says: “People talk all this shit, but you know, somebody fucks with me, I’m gonna fuck with them. I just did it, you know. Ain’t nothing you can do now by talking about it. Besides, it ain’t no big thing – I just threw her through a door.”



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  1. TruthHurts

    You keep bringing up ish from 20 yrs ago? WTF? After 50 yrs of Rock & Roll Dr Dre is the one you want to use? Lol I thought you wre a music historian. You have abuse, incest & murder in that history sir. I challenge you read the history of the music biz, Dr Dre won’t make the top 20 of bad decisions made by an artist!!

  2. Anonymous

    because he gets results and ships tonnage, at least somewhere results actually seem to matter…

    i just run my mouth a bit and make people jealous and that has got me blacklisted and shitlisted and back faced and censored up down and all around, so who knows exactly though.

    i knew a guy once, he was filling up his car and this crazy psycho chick was all up in him pushing him slapping him just acting crazy like, so he smacked the bitch up!!!

    He was a really good and decent guy and i didn’t let that affect what i thought of him.

    I support women, im a lover and i would never hurt them or hit them or anything, however, sometimes they get a little too out of hand and expect just a little bit too much, if she had it coming to her, well there are guys out there that will smack a ho! Just cause they are women doesn’t give them the right to slap and push and spit and do all these things and expect a man to just take it all.

    Respect begets respect, dont give respect, get slapped the fuck up!

    We all have limits and buttons and edges and there are different points we break or react in ways we normally wouldn’t.

    If she was fucking with his survival, well, anything is possible.

    Give the guy a pass already, hes paid his debt. If he keeps doing it, well then someone in that jurisdiction or whatever needs to do whatever they need to, but it aint none of my business.


      • Anonymous


        Then i want my equal rights then!!!

        If they are allowed to do anything they want say anything they want and cannot receive any retributive action and/or whoever they are attacking cant even defend themselves…

        Then i want the same rights, period!

        I got stupid drunk and high one time many many years ago, took a limo downtown for this chicks b-day, started doing shots of Tequilla which ultimately resulted in my bro and i outside the club throwing up repeatedly on the sidewalk, where he ultimately passed out. I went across the street, pissed in an alley way, and then shut it down behind a roll of chain link fence for a few hours nap time.

        I guess that should never be given a free pass then either, that city may as lock me up and throw away the key or better yet just fucking execute me publicly for all their people for entertainment, cause we were just acting a fool and debasing jurisdictional property with our tom foolery, a disrespectful and illegal act…

        Just lynch em all up boys, fuck it, one bad deed and thats it, lock em up and throw away the key…

        I try not to assume, i dont know the details, maybe he did just dummy the girl, maybe she was acting a bitch going crazy and shit like some chickens do, who knows, just sayin… Not every guy has the never to hand some chick a flower when she spits in his face…

        Meanwhile stuff white hairs are out there actually murdering people, women and children, but hey they are our precious leaders so thats alright, right?

        Im certainly not supporting women beating, and the girls know that… just sayin.



    • Willis

      I’m having a hard time reconciling the two phrases “so he smacked the bitch up” and “He was a really good and decent guy…” They just don’t jive. It sounds like both your friend and you need help – two pieces of work.

    • GGG

      Can you please stop posting here? Your rants are too long, make no sense (though I skip them 99.9%, I can still tell), and you’re a weirdo. Get help.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry bro, in survival mode here, just block me or censor me like the whole music industry seems to have already done, yall cant insult me any further then you have already done, otherwise just kill me then man…

        Ive asked people nicely to pay me, but no one ever seems to, so im done trying to please people when they ask me to do something, cause they never ever return the favor…

        Weirdo? Everyone is entitled to their opinion…


        • GGG

          Maybe your music isn’t any good, ever think of that? Too many people think they are entitled to fans/money simply by creating something. You can blame literally everyone/everything else in the world to make yourself feel better, but sometimes it’s just you.

          You know why I don’t paint pictures and try to sell them? Because I suck at it. Self-awareness can be a useful tool sometimes.

          Or maybe you and Yves Villenueve should go on a world tour. You have almost the exact same delusions.

      • Anonymous

        and what help do you suggest?

        Ive been looking for help, money or money making opportunities and people for the longest time, cant seem to find any…

        If you mean some couch and pills, well then Sir, im sorry to say you are confused as to what help is and who actually needs it…

  3. Anonymous

    * has the nerve, the nerve, not never, nerve, my bad…

    You know, how about all these other girls that have been getting beaten up lately?

    Buddy shot his girlfriend…

    No girl deserves to be beaten.

    But he paid his price didn’t he?

    Not like OJ walking around scott free for brutally and savagely killing someone.

    So whats the real problem here?

    Racism? Jealousy? All mad up cause some og ballin?

    Fuck sakes man… Everyday the putrid humans on this planet make life more and more difficult to endure.


  4. Anonymous

    Perhaps for the same reason you and TorrentFreak still use writers like Rick Falkvinge — who openly support violence against children?

    Here’s a title of one of Mr. Falkvinge’s articles:

    Three Reasons Child Porn Must Be Re-Legalized In The Coming Decade

    And here’s how you defended him in public last month:

    I’ve read the Falkvinge piece on this topic, and […] he points to issues with broader laws in the area and inconsistencies with rules around other crimes like murder.

    Tim Cook lets Dre work for Apple because Dre is very good at what he does.

    And you let Mr. Falkvinge work for you because… ?

    • Anonymous

      Owned and controlled and manipulated and beat down and stolen from and told what to do and how and when to do it by brutally savage slaughtering conquering killers, the type of people who take pride in mutiliating humans to entertain their assets, their people, and yall are focused on some peasants, some jesters?


  5. TuneHunter

    I love it!
    Apple must be the Jesus Christ of modern times! Unlimited wine! Unlimited MUSIC!
    At least it’s not dark ages in front of us! Just so, so technology with NO RESPECT OR PLAN FOR MUSIC!

    • Anonymous

      Well TuneHunter, IF the human is unable to efficiently and affordably ( extract Oil from Shale, then it could very well be back to dark ages for us all in a matter of 40 or 50 odd years, cause as far as i can tell, we aint prepared to run out of some limited resources quite yet.

      Better know how to start a fire with some sticks and your feet boys!

      Man itd be something right crazy, lets hope the little wee meager human with their feeble little minds will get lucky and find a way to transition into a different energy based economy once they burn through all that black gold, and yeah, as far as i can tell its mostly the States problem, so fucking chop chop boys, pick it up would ya!!!

      Actually i think for their abuse and shortsightedness regarding this precious limited resource, we or heck even i, should get complete ownership of their great lakes, you know just to make sure everything is tip top, wouldnt want them to pump it all out just to wash their big trucks and cars and shit….

      Gotta get on your Dual Survival steez these days…


    • really?

      Are you serious? Do you really not understand why its news when Ray Rice beats his wife, but countless other domestic abuses go unreported on the national news? He’s a star player in the NFL, making other people ridiculous money.

      Dr. Dre is the same thing. Its one thing when he is making himself money, but totally another when he is exploited for the benefit of Apple – the largest company in the world. By promoting Dre to a high post in Apple’s management, they are, at least at some level either forgiving or forgetting his past. Some people, me included, think this is wrong. Apple should be above hiring thugs to run their business, and if Tim Cook ever beats a woman, I would be for his ouster as well (and prosecution).

      To all you folks that say “its okay, he beat up that woman years ago. Shouldn’t a man be allowed to escape his past and start fresh”, I say yes, but only when he admits it, confronts it, apologizes for it, atones for it. Dre has done none of those things. He bragged about it. He doesn’t volunteer to help abused women. He doesn’t donate any of his billion to help abused women. There is NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from Dre that what he did (and then bragged about) was wrong.

      Perhaps its because he doesn’t think it was wrong…

      How do you think the female executive at Apple feel when they see him walking around being praised and paid? I’m actually shocked that they haven’t staged some sort of protest that says “Its Dre or us, Tim Cook. You choose.” Perhaps that is a suggestion to them.

      • Paul Resnikoff


        Interestingly, at least Ray Rice has apologized and recognized what happened. That doesn’t make it go away, but he’s certainly not bragging about this.

      • agraham999

        My point is the inconsistency of the reporting. It’s silly for you to make an assumption or a claim that anyone here is saying that past behavior of this type is acceptable. It is not. I was raised by a mother who was a victim of domestic abuse, as was I…and I’ve contributed to several charitable causes for victims over the years. No one here is condoning it.

        What I’m saying is that this site never took him to task ever before until Apple acquired beats…so I think it’s really about traffic. Paul has made his point time and time again recently, but where was this reporting years ago when they were making headphones or when the streaming service was launched? How come this site wasn’t all over these issues back then…weren’t they still relevant? And if I’m wrong about that, point it out and I will apologize and never mention it again. I did a search here, and have only been reading the site for a little over a year. I’ll be the first to admit being wrong.

        Did you guys report on Dr Dre and his work with HP?

        “Beats is about sound. That’s all it’s ever been about, starting with the headphones and now moving to the Beats Envy computer we’re doing with HP,” said Dr. Dre. “The laptop is the new stereo for a lot of people and that’s why we’re putting out this computer with incredible sound.”


        However, I think this is one more example of this site trying to drive traffic. I have a lot of issues with it…because at times there is some solid work done here and at other times it is just inflammatory for the sake of traffic. I don’t find this sincere and if you are going to actually make these posts, you should do a better job writing them out and making a case. The writing is lazy.

        Where are the links to charitable sites or domestic abuse sites to balance out your point? You know quotes and links that strengthen the point. It consistently comes across to me that this is primarily a beef with Dre combined with a need to drive traffic through the use of Apple. Round up other people to go on the record, build an actual article that has structure to it. Have you asked beats or Apple for a quote? Third parties? Have you done other research outside of re-quoting the same articles? You post a 23 yr old article and try to tie it to a current story because it keeps you able to push this Apple narrative, but you aren’t adding anything.

        So yes…I’m skeptical of the motives here.

        So here, let me help you:

        According to the Boston Globe, An estimated 1 in 6 women who have been victimized by domestic violence experienced being hit with a fist, and 29.7 percent said they’d been slapped, pushed, or shoved.

        “If this was the prevalence of any other public health issue, the response would be immediate and the resources would be provided,” said Toni Troop, the director of communications of Jane Doe Inc., a Massachusetts-based coalition against sexual assault and domestic violence.”


        How about studies between misogyny and rap/hip hop culture?

        “examining song lyrics of the most popular rap/hip-hop songs on Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart between 2000 and 2010 found messages communicating themes of power over, objectification of and violence against women to be prevalent across the sample selections”


        Here was a good opportunity to take a stance on violence…and in fact you should always not only take a stance but have relevant links in those pieces.

        How about links to domestic abuse help sites in your opinion pieces?

        Or what about reporting the fact that beats has ties to the NFL?

        What about other brands…Dr Dre and Chrysler?

      • Anonymous

        Everyone knows how everyone else should be living, thinking and doing.

        It just seems more then ever the Natzis have really grown in substantial numbers, cause everyone seems to want everyone else to be just like them cause apparently they are God almighty or something!

        No wonder the worlds so fucked up.

        All the shit going on in the World, all the bullshit fakery lying cheating stealing, EVERYWHERE from everyone. All corporations are fucked right up marketing glorious service and custodian actions but they dont give a fuck about people they all provide the shittiest service ive ever seen and treat people like they are worthless, no security no anything anymore.

        I can go on and on and on, and this is what people are concerned with?

        Why do people think i have zero desire to fucking freely entertain people when it costs me money and time and energy? People whos heads are shoves so fucking far up there asses!!!

        Im at the point of blowing my brains out because i cannot afford to survive… Yall are all music lovers and supporters right who support the Arts etc. Well not one of you ever fucking helps me but then has the audacity to suggest what someone else is supposed to be doing with their money???

        Unbelievable, everyone is the center of the fucking Universe and feels they are God almighty ready to be the sole ruler molding everyone into the perfect person they so deem to be.

        Motherfuckers man…. What a bunch of serious assholes.

        Yall jurisdictions and the near impossibility to raise out of povery levels forces the human species to do things it certainly doesnt want to just to survive, and then your stupid policies and procedures gets people locked in prison or fined or charged or whatever it is oftentimes for things that shouldnt even be punishable, and then once someone pays their debt to society for something then still all you assholes want more and more and more, sitting around judging someone like yall are so fucking amazing and special!!!

        Yall have to sit on the toiled and squeeze feces out of your ass multiple times per day just like each and every other person on this thing.

        I dont know how it went down, i dont know all the details, i wasnt there, i cannot offer an opinion one way or another other then beating and hitting women is wrong, but hey, he paid his debt move the fuck on, and then i think about it and go, YO, the levels of atrocities im facing are on another level, where the fucks my sympathy? Where the fuck is everyone fighting for my apologies and my retribution and my compensation???

        Nope instead i just get fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked, great….

        Fuck it!

        • Anonymous

          i really think its just these Apple fan boys who probably would have sucked Steve Jobs cock off and would have slobbered all over his nuts just because yall love Apple so much.

          Some pasty white male who kneels to God and thinks every other person on the planet should be just like them cause they are Jesus themselves or something, who knows man, but racism is clearly still going strong.

          Apple is just a piece of paper, thats it! Get the fuck over it people holy shit man…

          Its a corporation, it dont give a fuck about anything but profit, period! Im sure they metaphorically rape people just like pretty much ever other corporation out there does.

          Yet people just love it off so hard, they love the corporate system and being confined to policies and procedures which always does nothing but fuck the customer experience right over. It forces employees to stick within a tight confinement to make sure they do not get fired and it always hampers their ability to offer and fucking service at all.

          Thats a main reason i dont even bother consuming much cause the customer experience these days is so fucking piss poor shit. I hear the marketing and i see some flashy products, but man oh man these corporations have lost the plot. Its not the employees fault, its the corporations.

          In what should be a glorious time to be a customer, its just become the worst experience ever.

          And it seems no one else thinks like i do, everyone is so happy and satisfied with how things are, and thats just fine, im not trying to get anyone else to think how i do or believe what i believe. Im just looking for money making opportunities and i for one would gladly and happily work with Apple on something cause lest we forget, the people that yall take your orders from got to their positions through brutal and savage killing people, and suddenly some 20 year old story is just like holocaust bad.

          Right, people out there still beheading people and thats fine, but this because of your precious Apple, oh no…

          holy fuck man, holy fuck, this cant be real life, this seriously cannot be real….

          • Anonymous

            Apologies on some spelling and grammar errors, there isnt any edit feature and im used to editing my posts to perfection, so the errors are not my normal procedure, terrible apologies…

          • Anonymous

            i love cruising around downtown just blaring a song like this and watching the fear of God come into the eyes of some of those stuffy white haired conservatives who think everything should be legislated and everyone should be just like them, like a Natzi would think.

          • Anonymous

            Where the fucks my money BITCH!!! hahahaha

            Yeah, if the music industry is a girl then i guess yall are freely witnessing the greatest fucking woman beating ever in the history of mankind, cause im just ragdolling that cheap ho!!!!!!!

            hahaha wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  6. danwriter

    “I got stupid drunk and high one time many many years ago, took a limo downtown for this chicks b-day, started doing shots of Tequilla which ultimately resulted in my bro and i outside the club throwing up repeatedly on the sidewalk, where he ultimately passed out. I went across the street, pissed in an alley way, and then shut it down behind a roll of chain link fence for a few hours nap time.”

    Paul, when are you going to start moderating the comments? You’ve brought up a legitimate issue here, one that should get larger play in mainstream press. But the commentary undermines the gravity of the issue, and all too often, of DMN itself.

    • Anonymous

      The commentary undermines what??

      You cant seriously be serious…

      Most of first world countries are on zero living to hand of mouth, wont take much to turn the whole thing into anarchy chaos…

      Just cause most people walk around with some poker face pretending things are great and that they have everything under control doesnt cover up the fact any minor downturn could turn into a catastrophic civil war or anarchy at any given moment it isnt even funny!!!

      Buddy beats up Christy Mack real bad and no one gives a fuck cause shes just some dumb ho right?? But suddenly some OG bro balls out and something he did 20 odd years ago is just suddenly the height of importance in the media world…

      again let me posture this to you…


      • Nina Ulloa

        Plenty of people care about what happened to Christy Mack. If they didn’t then you wouldn’t have heard about it.

  7. Name2

    Because we haven’t yet devolved to the point where our corporate overlords are also our lawgivers, judges, and jury??

    I know that situation is a music biz pipedream, so… get off the pipe, already.

    • Anonymous

      What’s the pipe dream?

      Making a living with music? Thats now become a pipe dream? Wow, if thats the case serious civil war could be a likely reality…

      Im sure if Andre beat down woman tomorrow he would suffer similar consequences.

      So if everything is retroactive, i want my reparations retroactively for many many things, so someone best be coming out of the pockets to rectify the atrocities i have suffered throughout my life.

      • Name2

        Some matters are for law enforcement. Some are for HR.

        Hanging out your shingle for business doesn’t make you a civil authority, just another peddler.

  8. Anonymous

    So what about this? This is very recent, another looked up to celebrated man laying beat downs!!!

    Is this suddenly not important? Because shes a porn star and hes a fighter?

    I have no idea what went down and what she did to get beat up like that, maybe she cheated or just broke up with him or who knows exactly.

    Has he been kicked out of the MMA??? Do yall even care or is it just because your cult leader Jobs is no longer around and suddenly theyve brought some fresh blood in to work on the music wars and get that area ballin…

    I know i wouldnt hit the girl but id definitely beat it up if i worked with her… 😉

    Porn star Christy Mack is doing “very well” after her MMA ex allegedly brutalized her last month.

    The 23-year-old Mack appeared at a charity event in L.A. over the weekend and spoke with TMZ.

    “I’m actually doing very well – healing really well,” Mack told TMZ. “I’ve had a lot of great support from my friends and my fans so that’s definitely helping me along.”

    Mack claims she was beaten by UFC fighter War Machine – real name Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver – on Aug. 8. The two split earlier this year, according to Mack.

    War Machine was arrested a week after the alleged beating in a Simi Valley, Calif., hotel and charged with assaulting Mack.

    Las Vegas police allege that Koppenhaver attacked the Mack and a male friend after accusing her of cheating on him.

    “It was a little bit of a rough recovery,” Mack said. “It has been a little over a month now. I was in a lot of pain at first but now I’m feeling really good. I just have a couple of more surgeries to go.”

    According to the police report, War Machine choked and punched Corey Thomas last month for about 10
    minutes. During that incident, Mack called police.

    After Thomas left, War Machine is accused of attacking Mack, beating her in a shower and threatening her with a knife.

    Mack, according to reports, suffered a blowout fracture of her left eye, other facial fractures, a lacerated liver, broken ribs and lost two teeth.

    “I look fairly decent for what happened,” Mack added.

    War Machine was a contestant on the UFC’s reality series “The Ultimate Fighter.”

    The 32-year-old has a lifetime MMA record of 14-5.

    He also has prior police records containing assault and battery.

    A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 17.