Apple: U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence’ Has Been Accessed 33 Million Times…

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Billboard reported that U2’s album was struggling with a mere 200,000 downloads, while refusing to count the flop.  Apple now says that’s totally and completely wrong.

“Just six days after its release on iTunes, a record breaking 33 million people have already experienced the album.”

Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue just announced in a statement to Digital Music News.

‘Experienced’ means accessing the album across iTunes, iCloud, iTunes Radio, or Beats, on any device.

9 Responses

  1. Name2


    33 million impressions.

    No radio payola, no torrents, no “pay to play” television specials, no mobile revenue-sharing.

    And as reported elsewhere here, _17_ of their albums are in iTunes Top100.

    Whine some more about how “I can’t get it off my IPaaaaaaaaad.”

    • Name2

      Oh, wait forgot the best part: they got paid (literally) untold millions for the pleasure.

      Who’s monetizing now??

      • Anonymous

        DMN doesn’t want people to know, it doesn’t support their ‘music is free’ beliefs…

        • Nina Ulloa

          we definitely haven’t talked about it in other articles and are definitely suppressing it ◔_◔

  2. Name2

    You’d think a music news site could get the spelling down on the title of the album everyone actually IS talking about.

    • agraham999

      I think it is adorable anyone considers this a news site or that the word “news” is in their name. This is an inflammatory click factory. But hey…whatever keeps the lights on.

  3. Willis

    Yes, but how many of those were unique, and how many actually liked what they heard?

    • Name2

      That’s a problem for the marketing staff. What U2 changed is making the torrenting/pirating of the inevitable 200K or so copies moot. They got paid a bundle ostensibly for a corporate exclusive, but one that reversed the entire “scarcity” scam of music companies (and high-dollar “exclusives”), and they did not need to play “first week” games to satisfy the gods of Billboard.

  4. MicaShumi

    out of 500 million people only 33 million, those were forced on to peoples ipod space, not real. cd is garbage, music is terrible, all you U2 joker fans are in denial, sure they got $100 million dollars, best deal they made. Music is awful, they should retire or just pull The Stones and just tour.