British Charts Also Refusing to Count U2’s Latest Album…

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Last week, Billboard announced it refusal to count U2’s latest album release, even though Apple paid $100 million for the release and uploaded it into 500 million iCloud accounts.  But those copies weren’t expressly purchased by music fans, so they don’t count.

Now, the British chart equivalent, the Official Chart Company, is also refusing to count the release, even though a reported 2 million copies of the album have already been downloaded in the first three days by iCloud users.

“Copies of the U2 album Songs Of Innocence which have been delivered free to consumers’ iTunes accounts will not be reflected in the Official Albums Chart,” the OCC stated.

“The Official Charts only count music which consumers have made an active choice to acquire. The album will only count when consumers have made an active choice to buy it.”


Image by Terry Alexander, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0). 

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  1. Question

    Does U2 seem to care that they are not being considered on the charts? Mostly curious to see if they’ve said anything about this

    • Marcello

      I’m guessing that U2 expected this. Billboard and the British chart companies have never counted freebies in their charts. After cashing that $100,000,000 check from Apple, I doubt that they’re concerned!

  2. TuneHunter

    Apple is still growing under Mr. Jobs inertia!

    Otherwise clueless, nerdy and not so fresh technology GIGANT drifting into the swamp!

    Music is the biggest victim of this ZOMBIE walk in to this swamp!

    Pretty shameful outcome in the fruitful land of MUSIC! We got all ( I MEAN ALL) resources to have $100B music industry by 2020. Let’s stop playing golf, roll up the sleeves and DO IT!

    • axgrindr

      “We got all ( I MEAN ALL) resources to have $100B music industry by 2020.”

      Can you please stop spewing the same nonsense in every single thread? It gets really boring.

      • TuneHunter

        If you do not see those resources you are clueless just folks at UMG, SONY, WARNER and RIAA.

        If you contain just 25 music and lyric ID entities you will kill 70% of piracy. Next day you can convert all Radio and streaming to $100B music store. Any human can become commission based music salesman.
        Any place playing music can submerge you in music orgasm and make money together with musicians.

        MOOCHES like SHAZAM or GOOGLE working hard as a servants of freeloading public have to excused from MUSIC HOUSE.

        The will actually make nice profits converted to cashiers of music industry – for Shazam FIRST EVER in 13 years!

    • Anonymous


      I don.t wanna stop playing golf, i wanna play more golf, i want girls and i want to post up put my feet up and smoke weed, and overall i wanna do what i wanna do when i wanna do it and because the World doesnt seem to want to pay me anything anywhere ive gotten to the point i want to do as little as possible… This life and these jurisdictions have left me without any desire or motivation to do anything, and while im a sharing caring kind of guy, i dont wanna do anything that will benefit anyone other then me, cause no one else is doing anything that is helping me, so im on my pure selfish mode, focusing on my dreams and only helping people if it helps me and mostly by putting money in my pockets.

      I own a lot of copyrights and i stand up for them and fight for my rights, but what has the music industry ever done for me to make me want to roll my sleeves up and freely get to work on their/your problem? I can assure you, it hasn’t done much, mostly negative stuff actually. We are mostly diametrically opposed, thats just where the relationship has degraded to, sadly.

      Music is just fine, Music hasn’t been victimized by anything, it’s as liberated as ever. The top will ball out and everyone else will fight for survival, kind of like the whole planet is suffering, regardless what the marketing and show spreads otherwise, sadly Kiesza, the whole world aint gonna fall in love and wasting any time trying to get it to is just dream selling delusion city hippie acid tripping b.s.. Maybe in a few thousand years, so long as the World can get itself out of this massive Dystopia reality and slowly move towards a Utopian existence. Just with 3rd World Countries, wars, genocides, people trafficking, killing, all that stuff and all these crazy laws and shit, i dont see it happening any time soon, so the only way i can spread that lie is to be well paid for it, period….

      Besides, Personal Privacy is the biggest casualty of the modern age, obviously, and lacking a properly set up and monetized digital network, all these other people get to make massive amounts of money off me and i get to spend each day contemplating putting a bullet in my brain for inability to survive in these jurisdictions…


  3. Willis

    Not sure why this is such a topic, since these are the rules of charts.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, lets all kneel and bow to our overlords, submitting to everything they say, allowing ourselves to be humble obedient servants to others rule of the land.

      The rules??

      The rules made by a bunch of people trying to benefit off of something that isn’t theirs, shocking… The charts are stone age, they mean shit and are a waste of money and time and energy as is and only benefit certain people, the same people who are the only ones having much success anyways and who steal and cheat and never seem to help…

      Rules are meant to be broken, at least any great man or woman doesnt mind breaking some rules, especially old outdated ones that are irrelevant.

      Jump off a bridge Willis, thats a rule, follow it like the obedient robot slave you are…


  4. Faza (TCM)

    Frankly, I’m surprised (nah, not really) that this is:
    a. news
    b. shocking or objectionable to anyone

    For once, the Industry of Cool is doing something right.

    There are very good reasons why gimmicks like U2’s latest giveaway should be kept off the charts – to do otherwise would be to render the charts totally meaningless.

    U2’s numbers have nothing to do with the popular reception of the record, the record itself or pretty much anything. They are indicative of the following:
    1. U2 is a megastar,
    2. U2 have a whopping pile of wonga,
    3. U2 are well-connected enough to cut a deal with Apple.

    Only the last may – or may not – be in any way novel.

    The chart companies – quite sensibly – try to create rules where your prior popularity (or lack thereof), the size of your pocketbook or your industry connections are not a factor in your position. The only thing that matters is how much people like your current record. Exempting giveaways is a very good start on making sure nobody gets to buy their way to fame.

    I don’t know if U2 were hoping this particular stunt would be reflected in the charts. I would like to think they didn’t, ‘coz that implies they’ve totally lost the narrative.

  5. Greg Khaikin

    We can all blame lady gaga for this. Her 99 cent album deal through amazon caused billboard to examine and clearly define what constitutes a sale. This isn’t news.

    • Anonymous

      Stephanie is the problem?


      Okay, what about all the chart gimmicks that have gone of for decades before?

      What a stupid ass ridiculous and lame industry… what a terrible terrible shame…

  6. Johnny Pierre

    U2 is laughing all the way to the bank. I have to give them credit for turning the tables on the whole “giving your music away for free” thing!