Soko Tells a Filmmaker Seeking Free Music: “F*CK YOU”

French singer and actress Soko, aka Stéphanie Sokolinski, has pursued music and acting since 2002. She’s become successful and well-known in both her professions. She’s worked and toured with the likes of M.I.A., Spike Jonze, and Chromeo, and has been in films such as Augustine and Her.

Soko recently took to Facebook to respond to a request she received for free music. Filmmakers with a $45,000 budget were hoping to get music from her for $0.

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17 Responses

  1. Marek

    Musicians love what they do and many people use it as excuse for offering them nothing for their passion and work. We can’t accept it. Music is not a product but the Art and is worth much much more. If someone doesn’t understand it the only answer is no. No respect, no fair offer, no music.

  2. JTVDigital

    She should not have even responded, this is up to her publisher to negotiate this..

    • asdf

      if she owns her own masters, then yes she should respond and have a hand in the negotiation. same for the publishing. many artists self publish, and/or have somebody else administer. in either case, the artist can and should be involved.

  3. Anonymous

    yet, she’ll happily upload her music to the likes of Youtube and Soundcloud (two multi-zillion $ corporations) and not complain about her measly backend streaming royalties

    • Anonymous

      You obviously made a feeble attempt at saying something clever. She forgives you. The good news is, at least you got some “exposure”! : )

      • Anonymous

        your response is a typical music supervisor type response. move aside.

  4. Willis

    Another example of people valuing music. Not even creative folks put money (even a few hundred dollars) to their music budget. Not surprising, but amazing. Try making your movie without music. It’ll suck worse.

  5. music supe

    filmmakers don’t budget for music because they think they can get away with it. the only way to reverse the trend is to shame them like this. nice work!

    • asdf

      absolutely! ironic that people who “create” films have absolutely no regard for the value of “music.” artists need to stand up for themselves.

      but artists are only as strong as the weakest link among them, and there are a lot of weak ass links who will jump at the chance to give away music for free for a film placement.

  6. JSS

    The only thing getting your music into a cheap movie – without getting paid – is good for is ‘bragging’ to people who don’t know better! “Promotion” is worth absolutely zilch.

    What some may not realize, so I’ll mention it, is that if you agree to let them put your music into the movie without getting paid for it – that’s it! You’re NOT getting paid anything EVEN if that movie magically became a huge hit! (At movie theaters that is . . . you do get paid a LITTLE – VERY little, for cable performances and such.)

    And it’s true . . . WE tell them what we’re worth . . . and unfortunately, there will always be a wide-eyed, eager, newbie (who I once was myself), who won’t know any better and who will be happy to get there song into a ‘real’ movie – regardless . . .

  7. Anonymous

    The irony here is palpable. I get asked by bands & performers to photograph or film their gigs at least a dozen times a year.

  8. OneEyed

    Not to mention all them musicians expecting film makers to shoot them a free video,