Dubspot Explains the Benefits of Electronic Music Production Schools…

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Dubspot is a well known school for electronic music production, performance, and DJs, and is a certified Ableton training center. Dubspot has a New York location, offers online classes, and opened a Los Angeles location in June of this year.

Dubspot LA offers classes on DJing, music production, sound design, mixing and mastering, and video performance. Once a course is completed, students get a year of access to videos, tutorials, and multimedia resources created specifically  for their course.

The school has some notable instructors, including Alpha Pup Records owner and Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev and Thavius Beck, who also goes by the name Adlib.

Past Dubspot students include Tunde Adebimpe from TV On the Radio and Ski Beatz, who has produced for Jay-Z, Mos Def, and others. A fair amount of students travel from other parts of the country and world to take in-person classes. Students have come from as far as Singapore, Brazil, and India.

There’s a wide range of electronic productions schools that have become increasingly accessible through multiple locations and online classes. Point Blank and Berklee Online are two examples. Keep in mind that all of these schools’ prices are fairly steep, and are comparable to the price of a university course. Dubspot does offer payment plans and military discounts.

Dubspot will be offering some free courses during the conference portion of this year’s Decibel Festival, which I will be covering for DMN. The daytime conference is free to the public and will be a good opportunity for those in the area to become familiar with Dubspot and other electronic music resources.

I spoke to the team at Dubspot LA to get an idea of where Dubspot stands in the increasingly popular world of electronic music production. This will hopefully give prospective students a better idea of what to look for in an electronic music school.

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What does Dubspot offer that other schools do not?

Dubspot LA: “Dubspot is more than just a school. It’s a vibrant community of artists who are passionate about music, technology and, most importantly, mentorship.

We hire professional artists to teach for us and we offer a supportive learning environment with an in-depth and highly structured curriculum.  We teach the core fundamentals through advanced concepts and our students leave with an expanded knowledge of applying new creative production techniques to their music.

You will meet students from all over the world and from all different backgrounds at Dubspot. It’s a rich experience to be in class, talking about music, creativity, and technology, and coming together as a group from all different cultures to support each other. It’s really about building a network of passionate people that will take the knowledge learned here and continue to develop their craft and make it their own.”

What type of credentials or experience do your instructors have?

“All of our instructors are working artists with real-world music experience in areas such as music production, sound design, mix/master engineering, DJing, sound for film / video games, music publishing, and of course, education.”

Should prospective students have familiarity with their production tools before enrolling?

“Students come to Dubspot with many different levels of experience. If a student starts with very little to no experience, we recommend starting with our Music Foundations course. Music Foundations is a course that teaches the fundamentals of music theory. It’s built specifically for music producers and electronic musicians. We also offer many intermediate level courses for students who have been producing and/or DJing for a little while but are feeling the need to increase their knowledge base and work with a mentor. Lastly, we also have those who have been doing music professionally for years that want to take individual courses, such as Mixing and Mastering and private lessons to help improve their skills and to fill in any knowledge gaps that they may be experiencing.”

How would a prospective student figure out which classes to enroll in?

“We have admissions counselors who can recommend courses based on the prospective student’s goals and experience. They can call 1.877.DUBSPOT and talk to an admissions counselor or write to us through our website contact page. We also have detailed course offerings on our website. Anyone can visit our locations in LA or NYC. We have open houses from 11am to 1pm every Sunday on both coasts.”

Stay tuned for related coverage from Decibel festival in Seattle.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more for Digital Music News. In her spare time she heads music blog West Coast Fix. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

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    • Thank you Misled

      It’s unbelievable what is passing for news. These are press releases – and the payback is noted as such.

      Nothing against Dubspot – but I’m increasingly disappointed and fatigued by the lack of news, angle.

      It’s like I’m watching a tennis match between DMN and PR reps.

      I really used to like this site, and it’s disheartening.

  1. hippydog_site_still_will_not_let_me_login

    I almost feel sorry for all these people taking these “courses” and then finding out that the music pendulum is already swinging the other way..
    Goodbye dance music.. hello rock and roll..

  2. Anonymous

    Sometimes it feels like school gets a bad reputation in the music industry. I think that school can amplify your musical abilities though. Creativity is a result of a reaction that you have to something else. You see or hear something that gives you an idea. If you went to school, you would learn a ton of musical theory that you could use to build and combine into something new. If the article says that electronic music is getting more and more popular, then it makes sense that in order for it to progress, it needs to build off what has already been observed. http://www.lamontaudio.com/