U.K. Businesses Can Get Funding for Internship Programs…

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Unpaid internships are a much-debated subject. So why offer an unpaid internship when you could build a better relationship and encourage higher-quality work by offering a paid one!

The Big Music Project is offering funding to music businesses in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. These businesses can use the funding to create paid internship positions.

The funding will cover up to 50 percent of the total wage costs of internships lasting 3 to 12 months. The positions can cover any area, including digital marketing, communications, A&R, HR, social media, and finance.

The Big Music Project is a partnership between the BRITs, Capital FM, the BPI, and UK Youth. Applications are open until October 6th. A full list of requirements and the application are located here.

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  1. hippydog

    I have no idea what the picture above is from..

    but if they ARE applying to be interns in the music business I already picked out the 4 who I think will make it.. All based on just looks LOL

    can you guess which ones I picked?

    • Willis

      The only one I see who would be a good intern is the one already bent over.

  2. SeanDavidMusic

    Thanks for referring us to the bigmusicproject.co.uk – had never heard of it before and there’s a wealth of information and opportunities up there.