Cassettes Showing Zero Signs Of a Comeback…

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Cassette Store Day is happening, but is there a cassette comeback?  According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), sales of cassette tapes have been roughly 0 since 2009.  But that doesn’t count sales of used tapes, not to mention cassettes being sold without bar codes.

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  1. adolf

    no wonder: most people don’t own devices for cassettes anymore (or even never owned some)

  2. When I Was a Kid

    The cassette comeback is happening street level in dusty shops and old record stores where “ISRC” means zilch, nada. Can’t see something if you’re looking in the wrong places.

  3. Andrea

    Ha, love the first comment on here. O.k, so records have made a come back, well maybe they never left but cassettes….I mean that’s like asking in 50 years if VHS is going to be popular again. It just doesn’t make sense. But thank you for the chuckle:).

  4. Willis

    That’s a shame. Cassettes were a great way to manipulate sound.

  5. Justin(HIGH SUNN)

    BURGER RECORDS IS THE ANSWER to everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cassettes = life

  6. J

    You’re really out of touch, aren’t you, Andrea?