Musikki Gets an Additional $416,000 in Funding…

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Musikki is a growing platform of musical knowledge. The platform has some features that are similar to, including artist bios, photos, related artists, release list, direct links to stream songs, videos, and tour dates. The company “aims to be the number one source of music information and discovery for consumers, while powering music services with their unparalleled and growing data”.

Musikki has just closed a second round of funding, raising €330,000 ($417,808). The money comes from Smart Equity, a privately owned investment company.

Previously, Musikki raised a total of €462,000 ($584,931) from Intercapital, National Strategic Reference Framework, Building Global Innovators Venture Competition, and Portuguese National Award for the Creative Industries.

The company says they are in “advanced talks” with potential partners, and will announce new partnerships soon


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5 Responses

  1. jw

    Weird. It’s named like “wiki,” suggesting that it’s a site that’s maintained by crowdsourcing, but in reality they’re just pulling in content from existing services. Wikipedia bios, pitchfork/billboard news stories, photos from Flickr, social media feeds, etc. There’s actually nothing “wiki” about it.

    Any decent developer could reproduce this product in a couple of weekends, I don’t know why anyone would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a dot com that offers no original content.

    It’s put together alright, though. I’ll give them that.

  2. Jeff Robinson

    Combine this with non-hazed album credits (sorry All Music Guide, you lose on that one), and this could be a success.