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iamamiwhoami, a Swedish pop act with a digital focus, has a pretty interesting release method for their upcoming album. The album, Blue, is being released on November 10th on CD, vinyl, and a digital edition called The Blue Island.

The Blue Island will live in a password protected website, and fans can purchase a login for €20.00 ($25.20). Fans will be able to download, stream, or share the album. The site will contain high resolution audio, music videos, gifs, photos, and lyrics. This digital edition will contain extra unreleased audio and video.

This digital release method makes a lot of sense for iamamiwhoami, a group made up of Jonna Lee and Claes Björklund. iamamiwhoami is an audiovisual project and every song is released as a music video. The music videos from each album come together to form long video narratives, and Lee and Björklund are involved in all aspects of the music and videos.

The project was awarded a Swedish Grammy in 2011.

Here’s all of the videos that have been released from Blue so far:


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18 Responses

  1. adolf

    Fans will be able to download, stream, or share the album. The site will contain high resolution audio, music videos, gifs, photos, and lyrics. This digital edition will contain extra unreleased audio and video.

    and that crap for 25 bucks? lol

    • Nina Ulloa

      That “crap” took a tremendous amount of work, thought, and artistry. They have an incredibly engaged and rabid fanbase who is going to eat it up.

    • Enso

      Seriously man, have a a bit of respect for the immense amount of work that went into creating all of that content. Think about what you’ll $25 on: A cheap t-shirt, a dinner. But not this?

    • Matt

      But fans are getting music and videos, which alone cost around a standard Dual Disc version of a traditional album. With that, unreleased content they promised, and most likely keeping the login for future releases, 25 doesn’t seem that much. They’re releasing it in regular music-only editions physically and on iTunes at regular prices too. Open your mind a little bit.

    • dora

      If you already donated to them during their generate phase, I think you get in anyway… and that ranged from any amount you wanted to give.

      And, as a private fan-generated label anyway, they can’t really afford much. Some one needs to pay for it and tons of us are very willing. 🙂

    • GGG

      I’m fairly certain that package is not geared towards people like you. You know, someone who is clearly not a fan.

    • ruraljuror

      If she had beyonce’s money it would be fifteen dollars, but she doesn’t. Artists of their size usually only have to put out one or two music videos for the whole album cycle. They took on a lot, and that’s expensive. I’m also going to buy the album, because I want to hear more music from them.

  2. Kazuality

    I already bought the physical edition 🙁 Come on 🙁

    • Paul Resnikoff

      there isn’t some code or access for those that purchased physical?

      I know that vinyl releases typically have digital codes in the packaging.

  3. Andrew McNaughton

    They also release on Spotify. So cheapskates don’t have to pay.

    Chasing Kites is a breakthrough, stunning track. It’s like if Kate Bush and Celine Dion dueted the best crossover song they ever could. I hope this gets airplay and goes really viral.

  4. enda ki

    Dumb idea. It’s all going to be pirated anyway, do they really think they will make money off this? The money is in the shows/concerts, and so far in regards to this blue album it’s been shit, utter shit, how will they attract people to the shows with the ‘blue’ material? they’re focusing on the visual more than the audio, bounty and kin were king in my eyes, blue sounds like they’re running out of ideas, after the first few singles all the tracks started to sound generic/the same, even friends agree, i’ve always been a iamamiwhoami fan, and i don’t even watch the videos, i heard bounty before i saw it, i heard kin without ever seeing it, i enjoyed blue with the first few singles and everything else was shit. sorry, but that’s just my opinion, i don’t give a damn about the videos/visuals, because if all is right with the audio, then that creates the visual, don’t try and force a visual down my throat

  5. SonicAlligator

    This is extremely exciting- iamamiwhoami continues to push the boundaries of art, music, and new media. I’ve loved the packaged DVDs that come with the vinyl on previous albums so that you can screen the entire experience uninterrupted or edited as you would get on YouTube. This is just a new way to distribute and share their work and while I’ve already pre-ordered the vinyl edition I’ll gladly pay for access to the site as well. These things take a tremendous amount of work to pull off, let alone pull of well which they do exceedingly. I’m happy to support one of the few artists doing something new out there.

  6. mango

    I don’t like this, why have they released almost all the tracks one at a time? Now i’m supposed to wait for the few tracks they haven’t released? What the hell are they doing? I bought BOUNTY and Kin, i’m not so interested in this.