Use the Circle of Fifths to Organize Tracks in Ableton…

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I recently attended a workshop at Decibel Festival‘s daytime conference at the EMP Museum. The workshop was called ‘Performing with Live – From DJing to Live Fusion’ and covered different ways of using Ableton Live to play live.  It was run by Isaac Cotec of Warp Academy, who also runs the Subaqueous Music website.The most helpful tip I took away from this workshop was a circle of fifths wheel, color-coded with the colors found in Ableton. You can use this tool to organize tracks by key based on their color on the wheel. This will help keep your tracks organized and will help you mix tracks that sound good together. There’s a full description of this circle of fifths wheel on the Subaqueous site.

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Top photo by Aya Tiffany Sato. Circle of fifths wheel by Isaac Cotec.

6 Responses

  1. Dave Chappelle

    How the hell is this news? Harmonic mixing has been around forever. Camelot wheel.

    • Nina Ulloa

      wow yes the point of this article was definitely a new invention called the circle of fifths…

  2. Bizarro World

    Elton John should sue, having written the song Circle of Life. This is a clear ripoff.

  3. Evan Wish

    This is not a new invention, one direction is circle of fifths the other way, is circle of fourths. Basic music theory, and great that he is breaking it down for musicians present day who have not had the opportunity to do formal music studies. The title of a song cannot be copyrighted.