Dear Hugo Boss, Thanks for Stealing Our Music. Signed, The xx.

The xx, ‘Intro’

Hugo Boss ‘Master The Light Spring/Summer 2014’ TV spot.

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    • Bowie & Vanilla Ice, Ice, Baby...

      Wow. Just change up the order of a few notes and you’re all set…

  1. doktor audio

    happens all the time in advertising. giant enterprises with billions of dollars of media budget won’t pay a few 100.000 more to use a real track for their worldwide campaign and pay prostitute producer $500 instead to get a cheap yet recognizable imitation. where’s the story? plagiarism lawsuit? any official band statement? top 10 most hilarious temptrack mockups?

  2. Anonymous

    The hugo boss video has been taken down due to a copyright claim by UMPI. Wouldn’t they have to prove that it was the same song before they can do that?

    I mean it obviously is, but wouldn’t they still need to prove it?

  3. mashup

    sorry…….no case. Unfortunately the XX track sounds like about 10 other tracks…………a musicologist will take it apart in 10 minutes. prior art. loops and synth patches are not protectable………the notes, they will find the same or similar sequence in a classical piece or a beginner piano book………(the latter actually stopped a Phillip Glass suit)

    Now, let’s talk about the amount of music your audience steals. Then bands flood ad agencies begging to have your music in an ad, FOR FREE…… so don’t flip out cause your product is devalued. Music sales are dead so everyone turns to ads……….well, be careful what you wish for.

    Your audience are the young writers and art directors at those places. To them……..its FREE. Don’t bitch at HUGO.

  4. Justin Mayer

    And robyns team legally sampled it as far as I know for her Love Drunk tune, so not all pop teams are bad… I can’t seem to recall them playing too bad with me, some of their friends yes, and they do get close, but is what it is, they seem to respect something that isn’t finished or released and that’s one of my bigger beefs…

    I don’t have the luxury of posting up a satelite or whatever else they do and watching them in action so I can whip something up to head them off or whatever, so I do the best I can… At least they don’t seem to lift stuff, and I appreciate that, if profiting i..I can definitely play the game like that, it isn’t the future, its right now…

    Shocking isn’t it? One of the more dystopia bad ass artists actually plays pretty honorably and those goody two shoes image psuedo artists don’t… Books and their covers man…

    Theres no mercy until its settled… 😉

    • Anonymous

      Who knows tho, probably all just coincidence, I have to assume her and her team don’t even know I exist…

  5. Anonymous

    The music company that did the track is never mentioned. Name some names.