81 Million People Have Now ‘Experienced’ U2’s iCloud Album…

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Still think this shouldn’t count?

The following stats have just been released by Apple with regards to U2’s Songs of Innocence, which was posted to 500 million iCloud accounts on September 9th.


81 million people have now ‘experienced’ Songs of Innocence, either on iCloud, iTunes, or Beats (on any connected device).  That includes listening to the album in whole or part.

26 million people have downloaded the entire album from iCloud (11 songs).

14 million people have purchased a U2 album on the iTunes Store since it opened in 2003.

419 million iCloud users didn’t experience anything, deleted the album, or had no idea it even existed.

Other stats:

24 of U2’s previous albums have now re-entered the top 200.

The singles album, U218, has re-entered the top 10 in 46 countries.

The Joshua Tree, WarAchtung Baby, Rattle and Hum, and The Unforgettable Fire have now re-entered the top 50 in the US.

We have no idea how many people expressly deleted the album from their iCloud accounts (instructions on how to delete the album here).

12 Responses

  1. Me

    I and several people I know accidentally downloaded part of the album while trying to figure out how to remove it. Forcing an album upon people who don’t want it should not count as a sale, as it is not a sale.

    • FarePlay

      You sound like you’ve contracted the Ebola Virus. I wouldn’t worry about U2 getting any false sales awards, unless for some reason their CD release takes off.

      The real winners? Stub Hub.

    • blahblah

      Where does it say this is counted as a sale? Nowhere. RTFA. Only the physical CD will be counted upon release.

  2. FarePlay

    This whole deal around this U2 release is nuts. We all seem to have an attitude about it and for very different reasons. To me it’s just another example of giving something away and reinforcing the perception that music has no value.

  3. REmi Swierczek

    U2 and Bono are music industry PROSTITUTES!

    They’e in in the spectator seats of the music Hunger Games grabbing without any scruples what they can take!

    Hey Bono,
    Let’s review long term outlook for opportunities and become a maker of a new MUSIC INDUSTRY!

    Tim Cook, Daniel Ek or Lucian Grange will not save the business. THEY ARE CLUELESS. Repeat: CLUELESS!

    Call me to start recovery to $100B music industry by 2020.

    Simple, with no losers in site!

  4. Anonymous

    Great stats thanks for sharing. Even the most cynical detractor has to admit that this was an overwhelming win for U2 that probably added a several times multiple (we have no idea how much Apple paid them to do this in the first place but I bet it was a fortune) to what they would have earned if they had released this the usual way. Great to see musicians, even bloated rich ones, getting the better of tech companies for a change.

    • jw

      U2 made out like bandits, for sure.

      They never would have, though, if they had subscribed to this us vs. them mentality. I don’t think they were trying to “get the better” of Apple, & they’ve certainly been the beneficiary of Apple’s support in the past (early iPod commercials, the U2 Red iPod, etc). U2 has actually always been looking for ways to partner with tech companies. I’ve read speculation that U2’s Second Life performance may have earned them a couple hundred thousand Bitcoin, which would be worth 9 figures right now if they’ve hung onto them.

      I think that’s the real take away here. There’s a tangible danger in painting all tech companies with the same brush, & people who subscribe to the “us vs. them” mentality are never going to get the opportunities that U2 gets.

      • GGG

        But if you make money in the music industry on anything except selling a CD out of the trunk of your car you’re evil. Haven’t you learned anything from reading this site?

  5. zog

    Mission accomplished U2 everyone keeps adding more wood to the fire , keep your little blog going it will even get the curious to even listen to the music. 81 million downloads Yikes that’s a goal!