Raise Your Hand If You’ve Never Heard of YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, or VEVO…

How many consumers have never even heard of the largest music services in the world?  Here’s a breakdown compiled by Ipsos Media CT, who canvassed consumers across countries where these services exist.


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10 Responses

  1. Roger Bixley

    I’d be curious to know what portion of that 40% that *has* heard of Deezer thinks it’s that band that does that song about Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore.

  2. Adam

    Surprising. Cause reading this blog you’d think Spotity was single handily destroying the world. Yet so many people have never HEARD of them. Let alone use them.

    • GGG

      As much as I “defend” Spotify, I’ve always said their marketing is horrendous. I’m actually surprised it’s not higher.

  3. That f'ing guy who always posts here

    Something something 100 Billion dollar music business by 2020!!!!

  4. Lynch

    I’m a bit surprised that Spotify isn’t a bit higher. But what really surprised me is iTunes. Hasn’t almost everybody either purchased a song / album / movie, or owned an iPod at one point in time?

    • PTSoundHound

      Was in a meeting at a major label with some of their marketing team about three years ago – we mentioned iTunes and the conversation went something like this…

      Major Label Marketing Exec: “Who?”
      Us: “iTunes. You know, Apple iTunes.”
      MLME: “What’s iTunes?”
      Us: “Err… the digital music store?!”
      MLME: “Never heard of them.”

      True story.