Vinyl Sales Are Up 47.5% In 2014…

This is just in the US, where sales of vinyl in 2014 have already surpassed all sales in 2013….

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Impressive, but it doesn’t and will not make the music industry!

    This guy has over 500 million users and does 12 billion tags / year and is BROKE!
    Google boy serves more free loaders than Shazam but profits from ads.

    If we harness those two MUSIC PIMPS and another 20 music and lyric ID guys to music sales 80% of piracy will vanish overnight and we will effortlessly create $100B music industry by 2020.

  2. Willis

    How meaningful is an almost 50% increase on a smaller number? Of course, I’m sure when records were really selling, the execs were complaining about a smaller increase on much larger sales.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I hear you, it’s not THAT big. But, it isn’t slowing down either.

  3. Dub Gabriel

    How meaningful is it? Well as a independent artist and label, vinyl sales are close to 10 times more then my digital sales and probably a thousand times more then my streaming revanue. So for me, it is very meaningful.