Why the Damage Is Already Done for Dr. Luke…

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Ke$ha’s accusations against Dr. Luke may be totally and completely false. They may represent a despicable episode of extortion and abuse of the legal system.  But it can easily be argued that Dr. Luke has already lost, simply because the taint of accusations are difficult to erase without a complete and total admission of guilt by his accuser.

Or, incontrovertible evidence proving that Ke$ha (aka Kesha Sebert) and her mother, Pebe Sebert, perjured and orchestrated a complex, extortionist plot to wriggle Ke$ha out of her contract.  If that doesn’t occur, then Dr. Luke has a problem.

Because in almost every interaction from this point, professional and personal, people will wonder if the accusations were true.

And that’s assuming the accusations are false.  Earlier this week, Ke$ha accused producer and career-shaper Dr. Luke, aka Lukasz Gottwald, of multiple counts of sexual assault while forcing the intake of various drugs.  Other accusations include overbearing creative control and mental abuse, including repeated statements that plunged Ke$ha into an eating disorder.

In a countersuit now filed, Dr. Luke says all of those accusations are not only false, but that Ke$ha and her mother cooked the story as part of an extortionist plot to wriggle out of a contract.

The rest is being battled out on TMZ, which probably isn’t helping matters for Gottwald.  In the countersuit, Dr. Luke claims that Ke$ha and her mother have already admitted to lying and defaming the super-producer.  This is “a campaign of publishing outrageous and untrue statements,” Luke attorney Christina Lepera told TMZ.

Ke$ha attorney Mark Geragos fired back:

“This is just another pathetic and entirely predictable example of Dr. Luke’s continued abuse, and a misguided attempt to keep Kesha under his tyrannical control. This lawsuit has absolutely no basis in fact, the law or reality. Kesha is focused on reclaiming her voice and her freedom. She is determined to move on with her life and her career by putting this dark period behind her.”

Image taken by Becky Sullivan, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

14 Responses

  1. lucky luke

    “multiple counts of sexual assault while forcing the intake of multiple drugs”


    • Willis

      Yeah, I’m sure Kesha didn’t have a hand in any of this. Please.

      • JT

        Right… because there is no way you can imagine that a woman’s image might have been manufactured. Or that an 18 year old would not be influenced to engage in certain behaviors by a man twice her age who served as her mentor and held the keys to her career. If these accusations turn out to even be partially true, I hope everyone victim blaming and shaming feels disgust over your own ignorance.

  2. Anon

    Not surprised at all, this kind of shit has been happening in Hollywood forever.

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t he Gay?

    I don’t know, my intuition tells me its possibly false or at best highly embellished… She got fucked before by Flo Rida or whoever or rather more likely it was her choice and she made a poor decision in an effort to attain the fame she likely desires, the same thing probably happened here… Signed a lynch job contract and now wants to get out of it.

    Of course its none of my business.

    There is something a little concerning with that crew though, that 3 crew or whatever they are or are on about… Ive been in some deep shit with that crew, definitely wouldn’t trust them any further then i could throw them…

    Ive been told the Benz are fucking terrible, and that’s the Benz crew, and it seemed genuine in-tell, so there could definitely be some truth behind this…

    They on some religious cult behavior, whether or not its just a smoke screen for their behind closed doors sadistic orgy bullshit, i dont know, but its easy to see a lot of their artists definitely give that impression of those poor young boys duped into martyrdom by psychotic terrorists…

    so who knows…

    they could be nothing more the catholic subordinate god followers, i try not to judge a book by its cover…

    Hopefully she gets out of it, makes a tune on her own and i can then go at her, just to show those people who im really talking to most of the time… It aint the starmaker superproducers and silly piece of paper corporations, its the flesh girls, obviously…

  4. Anonymous

    “Why the Damage Is Already Done for Dr. Luke”

    I thought Ke$ha were the victim here.

  5. Andre

    Utter clickbait nonsense. Have Perry or Cyrus distanced themselves from Dr Luke? That deafening roar of complete silence, is it the sound of other Dr Luke collaborators taking a stand in support of Ke$ha?

    Even if he *did* do those things, he’d be in business til the hits dry up.

    • Anonymous

      “That deafening roar of complete silence, is it the sound of other Dr Luke collaborators taking a stand in support of Ke$ha?”

      …or is it the sound of other artists supporting Dr Luke?

      • Andre

        It’s the sound of the entire (major label) industry waiting to see how this will play out. Hitmakers are a valued commodity, and even if there’s some merit to the worst of the allegations, don’t expect any of his former collaborators to publicly distance themselves — without songwriters the likes of Perry, Cyrus and Spears are nothing.

        I have no love for the saccharine bullshit dance-pop of Dr Luke, but Kesha’s party-girl rebel schtick is as phoney as it gets — imo she’s simply looking to get out of her contract bc of creative differences.

        • Anonymous

          “without songwriters the likes of Perry, Cyrus and Spears are nothing”

          Absolutely true.

          But I still find it pretty interesting that the artists you mention haven’t flooded Twitter with support for poor Dr Luke.

  6. Anonymous

    Has no one ever heard of false allegations before? They won’t stick in my mind.

  7. David Rosen

    To be honest… I posted something about this story on my Facebook page, and the vast majority of the responses were… “Who?”

    I don’t think this will affect Dr Luke’s career much since he’s just a producer/songwriter. No one knows who writes and produces songs anyway.

  8. danwriter

    This will be settled out of court. She’ll fade quickly; no one will touch her — filing the suit has made her radioactive. He’ll be fine; Phil Spector was notorious for his abuse of female clients; it took a murder to put him away.
    PS: She dropped the dollar sign from her name in March.

    • max

      if he’s innocent and he settles out of court he’s crazy. he’s got all the money in the world for legal fees. if this really is just a desperate attempt to extort her way out of the deal, she should be made an example of.