Artists Can Now Embed SoundCloud Tracks on Twitter…

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Twitter introduced a “buy” button last month that brought ecommerce directly to the mobile platform. So, what’s next for enhanced tweets?

Embedded audio.

The new Twitter Audio Card brings streaming music, podcasts, and audio content to the Android and iOS Twitter apps. SoundCloud is Twitter’s first audio card partner. Users can hit play on SoundCloud tracks and listen to them as they browse Twitter.For now, only a limited number of SoundCloud partners have access to the feature, including Chance the Rapper and David Guetta, who used the feature to premiere new tracks on Twitter.

The audio card will roll out to other users over time.


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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Twitter is, of course, extremely popular among artists — but it’s still underrated.

    I think it’s the most valuable platform for artists, ever:

    You can embed everything, it’s fast, everybody’s there (including all the media you need), and it doesn’t feel ‘evil’ and greedy like Google and Facebook.

  2. john

    yea doesn’t feel evil and greedy and loses like 200 million dollars a year. sounds sustainable.

    everyone wants completely unsustainable ethos.

    • Anonymous

      “loses like 200 million dollars a year”

      Depends on how you do the math (gaap, or otherwise).

      Twitter is booming now, with revenues in second quarter 2014 jumping 124%, and one thing’s for sure: It’s here to stay!

      “Twitter Skyrockets After Reporting Big Q2 Revenue Of $312M, Profit Of $0.02 Per Share”
      TechCrunch, Jul 29. 2014

      That doesn’t mean Twitter shouldn’t look at new revenue sources:

      An embedded ad-financed video alternative to YouTube would make sense. Why allow Google to profit from Twitter’s traffic?

  3. Anonymous

    “It further promotes and supplants and ingrains itself in people to the point there is no other option then for the human to be dumbed down, to lose intelligence.”

    I’m sure you’re too smart for Twitter, but everybody else loves it…

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    Just wonder how long Soundcloud has on this planet. The financials are looking quite dreary, and that’s before label licensing.

    But let’s see.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know why Nina talks about Soundcloud — it’s incredibly more important that Twitter added iTunes!

      “Now, when you listen to music from select iTunes artists, it’ll only take a few taps to pre-order unreleased music and purchase your favorite songs directly from iTunes.
      SOURCE: Twitter, October 16, 2014

      • Anonymous

        You could almost get the idea that Nina doesn’t want artists to sell their music…