Google Makes It Easier Than Ever to Search Grooveshark…

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A federal court just found Grooveshark guilty of massive copyright infringement.  So why is Google now making it easier than ever to search Grooveshark?  

As part of its new ‘sitelinks search’ enhancement that allows users to deep-search sites like Twitter and YouTube, Grooveshark has somehow made the shortlist.  Which makes quick, direct searches for favorite artists easier than ever.   Like this:

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Just this morning, Google agreed to remove the Pirate Bay from the list.

34 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    “Just this morning, Google agreed to remove the Pirate Bay from the list”

    Agree about Grooveshark, but I have to say this is pretty huge!

    • Karen

      Go get em Paul! You’re really making a difference in the world of investigative journalism. Those GroovePunks don’t know what’s coming!

      -all 3 DMN readers

      • Anonymous

        “-all 3 DMN readers”

        You may not like it, ‘Karen’ — in fact, you’ll probably hate it — but a lot of very nice people appreciate what DMN did to the fish.

        And I’ll do my very best to make sure Paul gets a Nobel prize or something if he kills the Pirate Bay, too. 🙂

      • Edgar Bronfman

        Speak for yourself – not “all 3 DMN readers” please.

          • Keeping it real.

            Google is a search engine and that is what it does.
            As for the personal attacks they are disgusting and don’t
            Belong in this discussion.

    • F#%^ google-kkk

      That Larry page guy is from Detroit.
      He says he is from Michigan.
      Maybe his folks are some of ppl who want to
      Destroy Detroit.
      I mean the black ppl made cars and used
      Music to sell cars. There were some racist who
      Said “me no like that” even if they worked at the same
      So that is his roots.
      He hooks up with that elon guy (white South African hater)
      And sublime racism is their mo.
      All I have to say do not trust these guys,
      They are good scientist but as soon as their brains stray from
      Science, they will be on some hitler shit.

    • Anonymous

      Not because of Grooveshark, that game’s over — but for a lot other reasons, yes.

      However, Google should be credited for its anti-Pirate Bay move!

      Perhaps it’s just the beginning — don’t forget that YouTube is a content producer now. This could signal that Google finally intends to break its ties to organized crime.

      • PiratesWinLOL

        “Not because of Grooveshark, that game’s over”

        When exactly? Perhaps they’ll have to go offline in 5 years, and five minutes after will appear 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Easy? Going up against Google for any reason is never easy.

      • Anonymous

        Nonsense, Google has lost in court again and again.

        It’s beyond me that the music industry hasn’t sued.


        • Anonymous

          They need to get on it. Sue them now and they might have a victory by 2021.

          • Remi Swierczek

            Music industry is made of scared and drugged up chicks that are totally convinced that without YouTube/Google breadcrumbs they would starve to death in music concentration camp.

            Very poisonous relationship!

            Let’s convert Radio and streaming to $100B music store.

    • Anonymous

      No need to worry on that score. The millions of DMCA notices being sent aren’t just a lark, my friend : )

  2. Anonymous

    Google offers the ability to search most websites.

    DMN doesn’t have a fancy search box but Google can still search DMN results exclusively. The search box probably has something to do with receiving a particular number of searches.

    • smg77

      It’s almost as if the guy who runs this site doesn’t understand what a search engine is or how they work.

        • Anonymous

          On the contrary. We understand perfectly.

          Can you please describe a O(1) and a O(lg n) data structure and describe the pros and cons of one over the other?

      • Jacos Lader

        Seriously. People on this site are just now clueing in to Rez’s cluelessness about tech?

  3. FarePlay

    Stop the bleeding. Hard to believe how upside down this whole process of closing down infringing pirate sites is. First they play the Safe Harbor shuffle for years, then when caught red handed they appeal for years.

    All the while the injured parties just keep bleeding as the offenders continue to feast at the trough and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

  4. TruthSeeker

    Thursday, October 16, 2014

    It’s almost as if the guy who runs this site doesn’t understand what a search engine is or how they work.

    Jacos Lader
    Frday, October 17, 2014

    Seriously. People on this site are just now clueing in to Rez’s cluelessness about tech?


  5. Stever

    This is not even news. That search functionality is open to any site to add to their branded search results. It’s just a matter of the site including the correct google code in their tags. It’s not like google can police every site, all the time, that uses that code.

    • JJ

      “it’s not like google can police every site..”

      Oh please,
      Like the most notorious sites, that Google themselves keep track of (organize the world’s data, remember?) in their “transparency report” can’t be easily put into a block list, if not blocked altogether, at least from their premium features. It’s not like they don’t know who is whom. And I’m damn sure they are on top of court cases of other tech companies, as it could affect their business.
      No, they won’t do that because they make billions of dollars from putting ads on pirate sites and pirate search results. Greed is a very powerful motivator and corruptor.

      • Anonymous

        There’s no money in advertising on the internet. Just ask Mike Masnick.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I believe induction into sitelinks search is based on Google algorithms, not the decision or submissions of site owners themselves.

        • JJ

          maybe part of why they are so rich is because they have no costs related to policing themselves, ie they follow NO laws other than ones they are sued into compliance of (and then only enough to keep out of court again).
          I think regulators should start antitrust actions as well as criminal prosecution (but we see how they buy their way out of that…)