Morrissey’s Seven Secrets of the Music Business…

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In a recent interview with Madrid’s El Pais

1. The number one position on the charts is typically bought.

2. A label can sign an artist to bury that artist.

3. A label will issue a press release saying their new discovery has sold 30 million copies, when the actual figure is 30,000, but the media make it official.

4. The label strives to pay nothing and shift all expenses to the artist, so that its profit is completely clean.

5. Before even listening to a record, the executives have already decided if it will triumph or not in the marketplace.

6. The bosses are all men; the women who work in the industry are eternally girls, even if they are 52 years old.

7. The Grammy Awards have always been divided between the labels, so that its executives can boast that they’re relevant and dialed in.


Image by Charlie Llewellin, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

21 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    That’s why i wish they’d just ‘beat it’ and call their business something else, as we all know it has nothing to do with music… then maybe when i make music they wont come steal it and use it to their monetary benefit, acting pompously like they own it all the time, their big egos filling up the room with their disgusting stench…

    Nope, no, im quite certain i made and paid for all my music and masters myself, i’m pretty certain all my publishing is owned by me, and yup, all my copyrights are set and owned by me as well…

    So fine, if thats how they want it to be, no problem, ill just go do something else, i have plenty of passions, but so long as they steal my property before i can even finish or release it and then use it against me and for their monetary benefit, every jurisdiction by the way, then i simply cannot spend another millisecond making music ever again, unless as paid work for an artist, even one of their artists…

    Why anyone would ever pay money to their academies, grammy, juno, whatever, to get a little jolly rub if for some unknown reason they feel the need to nominate you, all when you know its just for their little circles and their little posses and family, yeah right, they already steal all my stuff and make a killing off it, like im gonna splash their party fund any more all so i can be recognized by them? Agencies and groups and people who have shown they don’t have the first clue about music? i dont think so.. If i could be guaranteed that having that on my resume would result in paid work, then the opportunity cost is worth it…

    I honestly believe that as soon as you join their family or posse, you lose all credibility as an artist, period, regardless what the 11 year old’s and their soccer moms think…

    Their business is the WWE, and no matter how much they try and reclaim their superiority and importance, i don’t think they will ever reclaim their authoritative voice and power that they had in the good ol days…


    • Anonymous

      i mean, im not a pirate, im not with anonymous, im not a freetard, i dont steal any of their property, im not pushing this whole free scam thing, heck, back in the day before i got repeatedly screwed by them i even bought their stuff, if thats how they treat people who support them, no thanks… i have no idea what i ever did to deserve this.

      How can those bellyaching about heightened laws, enforcement and fines be given any sympathy at all when they constantly and continuously steal my property before i can even finish or release it and then use it against me, publicly, at the highest levels, and to their monetary benefit all while humiliating me and bullying me and ruining my reputation and causing defamation of character… ??? …

      How is that even allowed to go on? Who runs this place? Where are my reparations already?

      Of course, for Society my dear James… Whats a life worth if we toss it away??


  2. Resher

    My friends used PledgeMusic to release their record. They own their rights. There are alternatives these days.

  3. Willis

    These “secrets” are well known and nothing new. Even in down times, it’s business as usual.

  4. more

    We all know/suspect this. I’d like to hear more actual details. Charts bought how: payola to djs, radio stations; purchasing of prime shelf space, fake buys at record stores, ‘returns’ not counted , etc. etc. (Also, doesn’t the press have membership with soundscan, can’t they check actual sales?) Now it’s fake Youtube fans, fake streams, etc. The bought to bury is interesting, for example, who, and why? Personal vendetta (don’t like them?) Competition? (Can’t be a competitor to your boy band?) Seems odd.

  5. petra jordan

    morrissey is a moron. in case you haven’t noticed, his career has become a sad joke. ask a truly successful artist if any of this nonsense is true. you can’t buy a number one album any more than you can buy a number one book or film. ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      right, of course not, the wonderful world of the internet will gloriously skyrocket it up the charts, finding its audience and fans freely…

      i sent a song to radio awhile back and got nothing but laughed at and pissed on and humiliated AND EXTORTED FOR MONEY or to join their posse so they can provide the muscle. Thats what the mafia does! So either the mob is back in music or we have a bunch of lame wannabes, scuttling careers in hopes they can be the ones to provide the muscle like some badass g…. awesome…

      of course i didnt pay anyone and of course it didnt get spun, as good and better a song then most chart stuff anyways, but since not on a major label or greasing palms, no chance. And the best part is, my country is/was armed with a mandate to play its own citizens music, same old story, unless you are a sweet young girl baking cookies batting eyes you wont get any sympathy play and will be extorted for money or muscle.

      i love how the industry is trying to do damage control all the time, always spreading lies for its dirt.

      Sure you may not be able to just outright buy the spot, but without massive payola all over the place and being in majors or else sub major labels beds or something very similar, you stand near zero chance.

      No MSG added does NOT mean no MSG…. same old story…

      • Anonymous

        thats why im doing the same thing to them really, see how they like being extorted!

        i will not stop pissing people off and selling everyone and everything out until they either PAY ME or kill me…

        their choice… get to it already….

        • rikki

          he wasn’t extorted it was a nice way of saying his song sucked. but if you really believe in your music then do what people have been doing since radio began buy your airtime.

          thousands of people are buying airtime everyday because they believe they can make it and get rich

          • rikki

            or more bluntly put your money where your mouth is its what separates the men from the boys

  6. Anonymous

    i also have strong reason to believe the Mafia have planted themselves deep into tech and the internet. Who else fucks this way?

    That ang Government of course, two very similar organizations, but at least the fucking Government does its best to keep how the treat me and what they offer me as fair as can be given the high level amount of bullshit in the world. The mafia aint never do anything for me but extort, threaten, shut down, basically nothing is ever good that they do except for them, in the short term

    So if Google is G manned up, then at least we know they aint mobbed up, hopefully… Any tech biz not G’d up could very likely be Mobbed up….

    Everyones too busy looking for terrorists now, so no wonder its just middleman central everywhere…

    Good fucking riddance if you ask me….

    • jj

      What makes you think the ‘G men’ aren’t already infiltrated and bought off by the mob?
      Why do you think they continue to look the other way with all this file”sharing” en mass in broad daylight going on?
      They (mob) went from beating people up for “protection” money and graduated to high levels of government and law enforcement. They don’t have to pay people off if they own the positions outright..

      • Anonymous

        it would explain all the middlemen everywhere and the constant extortion and death threats…

        that makes a lot of sense, hopefully i still got a few satellites on me so if those assholes decide to murder me at least we’ll catch their toss away trigger man on camera and have the evidence to track them back to their lair and maybe scuttle those useless pricks once and for all…

  7. Des

    I know for fact that number 7 is a bullshit. I personally know the (indie!) band who won the Grammy this year, they were in the same category as Marc Anthony (Sony!), and Marc didn’t win, you can check them out: Pacific Mambo Orchestra, they won because they had the most votes…

    So I guess the other statements on this list maybe as “true” as number 7…

  8. JTVDigital

    Was there supposed to be any crazy disclosure in this list of banalities?!

  9. Hans B

    May the sneakiest, creepiest, backstabbing, disloyal and dishonest Pig Filth win the race to the top of the charts!