AT&T and Beats Music Are Going Through a Breakup…

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Recent developments suggest that Apple is shutting down/re-branding/merging Beats Music with iTunes Radio. It looks like this development has affected Beats Music’s partnership with AT&T.The partnership allowed AT&T customers to sign up for Beats Music through a family plan at a discounted rate. Now, AT&T’s dedicated website for this partnership redirects to the AT&T homepage.

An AT&T employee reportedly told MacRumors that the wireless company is no longer offering Beats subscriptions, which is also evident when looking at AT&T and Beats Music’s websites.

An AT&T spokesperson told MacRumors that there are no changes for customers who have a current Beats Music family plan subscription.


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  1. agraham999

    Not a surprise. Apple has 900 million credit cards on file. What do they need AT&T for?

  2. Anonymous

    its been a long time since ive been in a relationship, personal or business. i know some of those delusional dreaming weirdos like to claim i was dating someone or something and theres been breakups and this and that… I certainly never dated anyone or anything regarding music ever, not once, nothing has ever happened.

    the music industry and some of these other industries and businesses really like to parade around as some she! funny, its mostly men in suits and sexist assholes and some gays and stuff, not sure how an industry full of men can claim to be a she and not sure why anyone would would ever want to date that!

    I think what she, music specifically, likes to do is to try and place herself over artists as the muse and get everyone to write and talk to her, again, greasy pricks in suits and bitter angered men etc. They always trying to cut people off and perpetuate their importance and all that. It’s just the biggest pain in the ass trying to make music and have them constantly trying to be her, its like yo, beat it already!

    The only time im talking to the industry when i write lyrics is when im flipping it off or pissing all over it, as it rightfully deserves.

    Like i always say, well then if she, men in suits etc. wants me to take the knee for her, then all that matter is the size of the dowry! What’s the dowry then?

    I dont know, ive never kissed, dated, anything with anyone or anything in music ever, so who knows.

    But marriage is a business and any metaphorical ridiculousness about taking the knee for a bunch of men in suits and all that is very disheartening and not motivating and depressing actually, because then they try and guilt trip you into being some stand up old school husband that saves his wife from sure peril! Thats what that stinky industry is always looking for, saviors, jesues, husbands willing to toss their life away all for some fucking corporate business interested and sexist men in suits and bitter jaded angry lower level employees and stuff.

    The last business break up i had was getting laid off from a corporation due to the stupid mortgage debacle in the states, a company i shipped millions of dollar deals around on the daily as well saved them multiple millions that same year. They couldnt care less anything youve done for them, the money you saved and the money you make for them, they dont track any of that, but man oh man, make sure you dont send the wrong email out to someone or else its immediate termination!! hahaha i often hope the whole wheel just cracks and disentegrates, what a terrible dirty system. So uninspiring, who wants to work anymore?

    Corporations and Business have ZERO love for people and the individual. They’ve all lost the plot and i wouldnt shed a tear if the whole corporate system just crumbled into nothing, good riddance if you ask me!

    The only thing motivating most people is just the sheer need for money to afford the cost of living. I can guarantee most employees are lying and putting on the fake face just to keep their job. Doing as little as possible not to get fired. Everywhere i go all i ever get is employees hiding behind the corporations policies and procedures. Whos going to care about being a company man and doing the best for the company when the companies never give a flying fuck about people, ever? Not to mention the lack of liability anywhere and the amount of suing still going on everywhere, especially in the states, what a ridiculous system, society and group of neanderthals zombiying around down there man, wow….

    anyways, what was this article about again?

    hmmm, a telecom would be a pretty pimp business to own, it would likely afford someone the time money and energy to actually focus on making some music and then because youd be so rich, it wouldnt matter if supposed legitimate big business bound by the laws stole it and profited from it etc. etc.


    • Anonymous

      people are always like, man you had her at hello…

      im like, huh?

      had who? who is she?

      the only thing the music industry ever did to me was backface me, immediately, thats it! Nothing else has ever transpired. I got back faced and that was all i needed to know. Since then ive just done my thing, by me for me, all sans and removed from that industry.

      Had her at hello????

      I dont know what some of these people are on… too many drugs perhaps, im not sure.

      The only thing the music industry and show businesses and obviously tech does, is engage in property theft, idea theft, and then using it to their monetary benefit never ever paying the rightful owner for what they have taken and used and done, all the while ruining my reputation, publicly humiliating me and causing defamation of character. But man oh man their front line infantry troops and their marketed material sure places them as magnificent kind hearted custodians of proper legitimate business who care and cater to their customers and employees…. hahaha its good comedy anyways, seeing people fall for the dupe jobs time and time again.

      Meanwhile they were working on some dossier on me trying to set me up and lynch me up for something so they could move some goal posts around and such. who knows though…

      im sure im all wrong, i have no idea….

      aint no 2-way, in any place! its all 1 way and it all streams away from me and into someone elses vault, whether information, money, property, anything…

      Well, ill probably be on the streets soon, make sure to send some of you infantry goons up to kick me when im down and steal all the change out of my cup, taking the clothes off my back and beating me to within inches of my life… Then spit on me, piss on me, and celebrate with all your cronies… God forbid whatever you do, dont stop stealing and making money from it, please dont, makes me look better and yall worse, time and time again, day after day…

      • Anonymous

        im just warming up, changing gears from first to second, applying just a wee bit of pressure on the gas pedal…

        as ive said, see how little they like being extorted? means thats exactly what they are doing…

        PAY ME or KILL ME!!!!

        well heck, we can see they chose the latter option, they just dont have the balls to actually show up and do it for real…

        get to it already, do it do it DO IT!!! hahaha assholes….


        • Anonymous

          shes lost a lover then?

          who is she?

          i dont know…

          i love music, the music business has so little to do with music these days it isnt even funny! if thats who she is she certainly never loved me, of course sure wanted to dupe me into believing it so she could siphon property to make money…

          She is a stinky evil dirty whore bitch who lies all the time. Good fucking riddance.

          She to me is the music muse and the business honestly is not welcome around her, which i guess is why she stays with me… She isnt happy, and that’s just the way it is! When labels and other people stop parading around as something they are not perhaps they will start actually doing something worthwhile…


          the worst mistake most people can make is making music and releasing it… what a terrible toxic shithole…. way more bad and negative has happened since i started making music…. oh well, what can ya do!

          i love music, that business aint got no love in it and if it thought i was its lover it sure treated me terribly… no love lost for me anyways…. peace

  3. Anonymous

    i dont know waht Richard keeps bothering me, but yeah, clearly i turned him or them or whoever down, a long long long time ago…

    Pretty sure hes liable for a lot of property theft, not to mention likely some other pricky greasy stuff.

    if theres any way i could get whoever that is put in cuffs and dragged way out of my life, that would be very handy…


  4. Spoken X Digital Media Group

    This marriage you speak of so eloquently between Beats Music and AT&T is not the , Kardashian , catastrophe like the historic uncoupling of AT&T Wireless to Cingular joint ventures with Bell South as the best man in bed every night with the bride disregarding the prenuptial concrete-copyright ring during the underwriting ceremony before the walk down the one’s and O’s musical isle. . .your friendly neighborhood poet : Literati X (C)

    • Phantom X , Spoken X , Black X & PsychoMedia X

      Yeah , Literati X , those were the good ole days on that AT&T platform direct to Motorola and in between ,
      K-Ci & Jo Jo ,and ,, Ja Rule . We didn’t know it back then ; but that was some world premier counterfeit shit !We wouldn’t trade it for the world deep inside this digital music shit !

      • Invisible X

        Yeah those were the good ole days , sitting on disability , being sold in legendary telecom mergers and acquisition , watching a fortune 500 company like Motorola get split in half on the Bloomberg financial channel covering Wall Street today in fucked up times. . .Who handed me my handkerchief when , Carl Icahn , collapsed after the opening bell , Black X { Psychotic Series Vocalist } ?