PONO Is Coming to a Vehicle Near You…

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Pono has raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding for their music players, music store, and audio format. The company has been in crowdfund-mode since SXSW this past March.

Now it looks like we’re getting somewhere…

The PonoMusic store is online, officially launched on October 17th, but you can’t buy anything yet. There’s no official date for a fully functional launch.Pono expects their store to eventually have over two million tracks. It currently has around 600,000 tracks.

Neil Young told CNBC’s Mad Money that they’re working on integrating Pono into cars. Young said they’re aiming for a 2016 Lincoln Continental release and are also in talks with Tesla.


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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    People should buy better speakers, soundcards and headphones instead — THAT makes a difference…

    • ezraz

      you are really missing the point here.

      yes those upgrades make a difference but it’s not nearly as effective of an upgrade as pono player and hi-def files.

      think about it, you are talking about 3 new pieces of gear (some that require installation) to play the same crap source!

      garbage in = garbage out, and no sound card or headphone can fix that. fix the source and you upgrade every system it’s plugged into.

      pono upgrades the source in 3 critical ways: better source files, better DAC than most, better portable amp than most. and all of these are in the box, to be distributed however you want.

      i don’t know why audio confuses so many people. but it’s all signal chain, and if your source is garbage or restricted you can’t restore that with any amount of gear.

  2. RemiSwierczek

    Dear Neil Young! Invest just 10% of your time, influence and credibility to Discovery Moment Monetization.

    Your old tunes will make you 10x more cash than Pono.

    All Radio and streaming can and HAVE TO be converted to $100B digital music store.

  3. bry

    Unfortunately you can’t buy a sound card for your mp3 player. An ipod and itouch have a very poor quality DAC in them that even the most lowest end integrated audio on a computer’s motherboard is better. I would assume the pono would hopefully have a better DAC built into it that is more true to the audio. You are also right that a decent set of headphones or speakers would also help, as most people listen to the audio through the cheap headphones that come with their mp3s players. Then again I guess it really doesn’t matter, as the pono is designed for audiophiles and most people are content with the low bitrate mp3s or streaming services, compared to lossless audio.

  4. jw

    Pono has the quality components to pull the detail out of full resolution & hd resolution files, but they have to be stored on the device. The iPhone has the ability to stream full resolution audio (Tidal), but no quality components to really do the format justice. Currently there’s a void in the marketplace for a connected portable device with quality components (I don’t see the external DACs for iPhone/iPod actually being a viable option). If Apple upped it’s hardware game & supported a Tidal app, it could relegate Pono from niche to very niche. But if they integrated connectivity & qualified as a shared device on a wireless plan, & if they could stream in full res/hd res, I think a lot of people could be interested in the device.

    This store is actually a huge disappointment for me. The UX is terrible, & the design elements are very dated. You can only search from the main page, & no browse functionality. I realize this is pre-launch, but it seems like they have a very long way to go.

  5. Yep

    This is so behind the curve of what is happening right now, it’s almost laughable!

    In fact, things are moving so quickly, it almost comes across as a legacy product. It’s in the same bracket at old tape decks and record players.


    • ezraz

      we shall see. this is the iPod II that no one ever built.

      now sony is building them too, along with fiio, so we will see.

      lots of people care about sound quality. only some of them even realize it right now.

  6. Anonymous

    with Wi-Fi entering cars, it’ll be tough, however, their may be a niche and a bit of an audiophile market for them.

    Not to mention the Power telecoms and ISP’s and all these servers and stuff have. Sounds like possible risky and dangerous business, knowing how all those guys operate through first hand experience. Cause they will all want everyone streaming as much data as possible over their servers.

    • Anonymous

      i mean, if you own one of those businesses or servers, free music and content is the greatest gold rush of all time… what an amazing thing, oh freedom, share share share, as they just grease grease grease….

      making content and music is the wrong thing to be doing these days unless already tenured or born into their family or rich…


      • Anonymous

        the little guy has little chance as everyone just wants them to be Jesus or something, music is for the people blah blah blah, share for free, play for free, do everything for free…

        Yet they all make money everywhere and i dont see land property values and prices coming down anywhere…

        this continent aint for me that is all i know…

        • Anonymous

          but i do totally agree with Neil on quality man, technology is advancing and the Audio just sucks massive balls, its terrible, its downright fucking embarrassing…

          Its just a money rape job pumping out shit consumer stuff over and over, everything popping up in your face, buy this do that, new flashy device, steal information, track track track, and aint nothing ever comes back to me or the individual… its the worst time in the history of mankind when it really should be the best…