Warner Acquires Spotify Playlist Site Playlists.net…

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WEA (a division of Warner Music Group) has acquired Playlists.net, a site that curates and aggregates Spotify playlists. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

CrunchBase says that up until now, Playlists.net had raised a total of £600,000 ($765,000) in funding. The site claims to have 1.5 million users per month.Playlists.net will continue to operate as a seperate company based in England. The company’s founder Kieron Donoghue says:

“We were approached by WEA earlier in the year to discuss ways in which we could collaborate and it became apparent that there was much to be gained by us joining forces. What’s really exciting is that WEA have committed to support Playlists.net as an independent platform, invest in its future and grow the team to take advantage of new opportunities in the streaming ecosystem. There is a huge appetite in WEA to further embrace streaming, develop new concepts and really innovate in this growing sector”.

Warner has a lot of money to gain if they can increase their catalogue’s Spotify streams, which is likely one of the reasons for the deal.


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6 Responses

  1. john

    if it can deliver the streams this could be a good investment. i’m a heavy spotify user and i never use the playlists app ever so that should prob say something as well tho.

  2. Yep

    This demonstrate’s the Warner Music strategy going forward in this space. It’s now obvious now that streaming is the future of the music industry.

    In particular, the Spotify demographic (18-25) is the core audience for the new pop artists in the UK. Warner is pushing out artists such as Clean Bandit, and they need to fully control this streaming space to fully realise the potential of such artists.

    Very exciting times for the UK music industry.

    • Remi Swierczek

      No reason for excitement.

      Continued drift to ZOMBIE ZONE!

      I am not surprised, Halloween is almost here!

    • agraham999

      “It’s now obvious now that streaming is the future of the music industry.”

      No, it’s obvious that venture capital/investment by labels is the future of the music industry. Labels use to invest in artists, now it’s tech platforms. And I can’t say I blame them. They watched as the tech industry ran away with control over their products because they were too slow to do anything themselves. Now they are leveraging their assets, including cash, to reverse this by buying into tech companies.

  3. Willis

    Can you hear the sound of money being flushed down the plumbing?

  4. Chris

    Well done to Kieron – he stepped in to create a site that made Spotify easier for the public and has done an amazing job