SF Radio Stations Ban Lorde’s “Royals” During the World Series…

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The San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals will soon face each other for the World Series. How are San Francisco radio stations showing support for their home team?

By banning Lorde’s “Royals”.Local stations KFOG and KOIT posted on their social media pages that they would remove “Royals” from their playlists until after the World Series. Nevermind the fact that “Royals” is actually an anti-royals song:

“And we’ll never be royals
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of luxe just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz”


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22 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    how about having your whole career scuttled due to censorship?

    i have no sympathy for any employee of a big corporation that is engaging in property theft, character defamation, reputation damaging, public humiliation and then of course making profit from it and never being penalized or having to send it back to the rightful owner…

    oh boo hoo some rich teenager crying about something…

    • There is something...

      How about you stop taking drugs ? You post 2 times the same non sense on two, non related, news. You’re more annoying than the Discovery Moment guy…

        • Anonymous

          then you are either complicit or clueless or else duped by mediocre propaganda… it’s that simple!

          • Anonymous

            sorry Paul, its at that level my man, my life is in serious danger… this isnt some little joke or something where we will all be some happy family afterwards…

            so as they say, in love, war and business, all is fair…

            but yeah, i see that the only interest the music, tech, entertainment, show businesses have with me is to basically rape and pillage me and steal everything they can from me and then shove it back in my face while they profit…. theyve essentially ruined my whole life, career and theres nowhere to go…

            so either they will kill me, ill have to resort to blowing my brains out, or if all goes well i will be far off this continent and as far away from the show and all this as soon as possible, so you will get your comment section back soon enough….

            they wont take it public so i have to run up and down as many trees as i can in order to at least get the word out a bit, just in case maybe others are experiencing the same problems, as they are with the NDA’s and stuff, or if anyone has any ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE so that i can sue them all… i would happily share the cut with whoever had some really strong admissible evidence. most of it is inadmissible and they know it so they keep on pilfering to profit, and i never see a fucking penny of it nor is anything they are doing actually tangibly helping me anywhere in life….


            appreciate you havent blacklisted me yet…. thanks!

      • Anonymous

        having millions and millions of dollars pilfered from me is suddenly unrelated?

        i think yall are clueless as to whats going on, which is understandable…

        the show and the media will glorify serial killers and ridiculous people, yet are censoring people, often times in an attempt to extort them for services or power and/or control. this has been happening to me for years now, and no one gives a damn!

        sometimes what may sound irrelevant and crazy to someone is actually only evidenced that the person making such claims are either doing so because 1. they are a complicit party in the crimes and need to deflect the guilt to the victim in order to continue to perpetuate their crimes else they 2. have zero clue as to whats going on. Either way it only outs yourself there is something.

        Constantly hearing belly aching from massive corporations and their superstar rich employees all while they steal property and use to their monetary benefit, ILLEGALLY, it gets the irish up a little bit….

        So not only is what i post not nonsense, its some of the most fucking relevant information you can get, your failure to realize as such or even notice it only goes to out you, either way…

        Its time to settle up!!!!

        • GGG

          You’ve yet to answer how you’ve been extorted, had millions pilfered, been blacklisted by high level execs, etc, whenever you say that stuff and I ask. I’m curious…

  2. Anonymous

    she must have a great publicity team to create this story. this smells fake.

  3. Willis

    Whatever. There are other stations. When the Giants lose, her song will play again.

  4. DogOfTears

    Ha ha ha,

    this is almost as good as “freedom fries”!!! The same twisted attempt at logic.

  5. not dmn

    I’m glad I don’t rely on this site for actual “digital music news” like the Rdio catalog quality upgrade and Spotify family plan announcements… 😛

  6. Vinny

    …and the song “Giants” by Bear Hands has been banned in Kansas City!

  7. DNog

    From the same city that gave us Bat Kid saving the city. I love it.

  8. GGG

    We’re all sorry to have offended you, oh great one. I’m sure your music is incredible and we are all just missing out.