Popular Music Keeps Getting Louder, Research Study Finds

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From the Million Songs Dataset, a database of western popular music from 1955 (authors: Joan Serrà, Álvaro Corral, Marián Boguñá, Martín Haro & Josep Ll. Arcos).  

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  1. Paul Resnikoff

    When I was a kid, music wasn’t so goddam loud! In fact, it was, on average, 17% softer!

    • Anonymous

      Curious as to if the industry, the majors and their subsidiaries, their employees, showbiz and fashion and the networks etc. etc. all operated the same way?

      Stealing unreleased and unfinished property, acting illegally and unlawfully, profiting through others hard work and copyrighted material, extorting people, exploiting them without their permission or written approval, publicly humiliating and ruining reputations, causing character defamation, etc. etc. etc. ???????

      a settlement would be in their best interest and likely the only way to get any sympathy and save any face.


      Justin Mayer

      • GGG

        Post what was stolen from you. If you can’t, kindly shut the fuck up.

        • JUSTIN MAYER

          My property was stolen from me, unfinished, unreleased and unpublished. I had not even put it on the internet in any way at all, not that that should matter, and it was used by others for their monetary benefit. Im not talking just downloading or sharing, this is a different much more serious and highly criminal situation here.

          And no i wont shut the f up. People like you are a big problem in the industry and one reason its so toxic and that no one gives a crap about yall anymore! Who is going to show yall sympathy when you treat a music lover and honest hard working citizen such as myself like yall do?

          my PROPERTY, my MASTERS, my livelihood my career my reputation, were all stolen from me, and some of the major labels and their employees stole my unreleased unfinished unpublished PROPERTY and used as blueprints to create their property to release to the charts, often lifting exact phrases and words scamming ideas, and of course ultimately to their monetary benefit.

          There are more implicit and guilty parties, industries and corporations as well, such as the media, show business, the networks and academy and again i dont want to lump it all on the music business and the majors. However each and every employee at each of the majors and their subsidieries is possibly an accomplice and ultimately complicit in these illegal unlawful and criminal acts.

          It is highly illegal unlawful and criminal and evidence both admissible and inadmissible exists and it happens to other people to who if were not under NDA’s would likely be making just as much noise.

          They are liable and culpable for their actions, many people know about it, and a fair equitable settlement to me is their smartest action possible.

          This is FACTUAL INFORMATION and not some gimmicky hyped pr stunt.

          So basically man up, own up to your illegal unlawful mafia like tactics and property theft and settle this.

          I also suggest that Politicians and Law agencies consider this controversial bit of events when yall beg and plead to them to change legislation and heighten the laws and the enforcement. If those whining are going to engage in illegal unlawful and criminal activity for their ultimate monetary benefit while also ruining reputations, defaming character, lying spreading untrue and false rumors, engaging in extortion and exploitation with no permission, then the law needs to apply to yall as well.

          I DEMAND JUSTICE!!!!

          If you want me to shut the f up, talk to whoever you have to talk to, go as far up and down each ladder and pyramid as possible and lets come to a fair and equitable resolution through the way of settlement paid to me in exchange for not litigating and expunging and moving on.

          Keep your soldiers in line or get caught out. Prison is a serious possibility for many of yall. I know some CO’s very well and some Police also. I am an honest legally abiding citizen and am not in the fault here.

          Thanks you for your time and have a wonderful day.

          JUSTIN MAYER.

          • GGG

            Don’t know if my comment from last night will randomly show up later, but the gist was quit whining and show proof. All your shit should be timestamped and easily provable that it’s yours. So either show it, and even get Paul to have a story about major label IP theft which he’d love, or stop with these rants. Because until you show proof, it sounds like you’re just another delusional wannabe blaming his lack of success on some institutionalized vendetta against you. We’ve seen it here before. Guess it was time for someone to take his place…

          • Anonymous


            I am under zero obligation to provide proof of anything.

            I am not whining and it’s not some institutionalized vendetta against me.

            I am simply doing the best i can, avoiding the media as much as possible, and getting the word out slowly to as many industry doors and windows as possible in order to permeate the information around, thats all.

            Delusional wannabe? Huh? Did you even read my posts? Do you even know who i am, not that i care, but seriously?????

            Why i even bother with any of yall i have no idea.

            That’s the same old boring lame rhetoric that most of yall have to spread in order to perpetuate your schemes.

            Not only do you miss the point, you do not even listen or read anything i write or say.

            Also it only goes to out yourself as having no clue as to whats happening, either that or you are blatantly lying!


            Want me to shut the fuck up BRO??? Come fucking shut me up fucking tough guy!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, im a skinny weakling, cant punch my way out a wet paper bag, but i aint scared of tough bullies like you!

            All i want to be able to do is make my music and my property free from it getting stolen and used against me for their monetary benefit, thats it. Their success? Who gives a damn, throw more grammies at em, im in it for the music and their criminal actions are making it pointless to make it anymore, if that was their plan, looks like they succeeded, doesnt mean its still not illegal, unlawful and criminal! Something many of yall should be in prison for and eventually karma and time will get all of you.

            How is that wannabe?

            How is that delusional?

            Yall have nothing, ive got yall by the balls and you keep coming with the same lame stuff again and again and again.

            If you dont know go ask somebody!

            Its like yall think im underneath yall whining and complaining because someone else is successful??? Like some child with a pacifier in their mouth, oh wait, thats the music business and the show business 101 for yall, thats what they always do. They always have to try and place themselves over you, always, like they are God almighty themselves, else to break someone in order to get a cut or sell them services, same old story.

            Erm, no, if you go back and read thoroughly you will see i congratulated Adam on the song being good, as i always do, as well i also stated that i have no desire for that kind of public fame b.s.! I dont give a damn about any of those people and whatever successes and achievements they attain, so long as they arent messing with me, yet they always do therefore i have no choice but to defend myself against their public humiliation and their ruining of my reputation.

            Again, i couldnt care less if i ever attain any success with music, i got into it to make it, not be rich or famous or anything. This is the second career ive had scuttled, not because of technology but because of greasy criminals using technology. Last time i didnt know, this time i know exactly whats going down, and there will be payback of some kind sooner or later, whether its me who does it or someone else. Assume what you want!

            I simply want to make my music and release my music when and how i want free form corporations and labels and their employees stealing it before it can be released and using to make their property for monetary benefit.

            That doesnt mean i dont want the setllement, but i will happily go right off the radar and never publicly release music again if that goes through. How that is wannabe anything i dont know and only further goes to show you dont read, dont listen, dont understand and clearly have zero clue whats happening out there.

            Anyone using this GGG for anything, advice, services, anything, is likely just tossing their money away unless hes connected mafia or labeled up, tossing his money and connections around. The fact he shows he is clueless means that if he actually isnt, he is lying and therefore likely just as implicit and culpable and not trustable.

            Paul knows, he knows whats going on. Thats a guess, but an educated one. I dont want to lynch any of yall up publicly like that, thats not why im hear, im a forgiver, im just saying, theres no more Billy Martins. I dont want any story for some ip theft, i dont want the attention, i just want a simple settlement for all the criminal actions that have happened against me.

            My brother is a CO, a good friend of mine is a high up CO down there. I know plenty of institutional people and the instutions themselves, while suspicious, know im not that kind of person, sorry you are so easy to dupe and manipulate. Im not some paranoid conspiracty theorist that yall always so conviently toss around in order to cause enough confusing so yall can perpetuate your illegal unlawful and criminal schemes!!!!

            Everyone make sure to shove a telephone pole right up this GGG’s ass as well all his cronies, the major lables the academy, levine, usher, nicki, bieber, scooter and the list goes on and on and on and on…. All of em, fill those dossiers up on em…

            Come shut me up bro, cmon, lets go…. Else come with some better stuff other then the same old lame ass boring garbage you bring over and over again….


            Justin Mayer

          • GGG


            First off, I’m not in the major label system. I purposely positioned myself outside that and have a management company that can basically do everything a label can do besides advance money for a record. So, nice try, but “ya’ll” doesn’t apply to me.

            Second, I actually have read enough of your rants, including the first one, but only skimmed this one. If people were stealing your music, you’d have a career. If people enjoyed it, that is. Maybe 1M people downloaded your album. But guess what, if nobody is calling you for gigs or writing or producing or whatever, it means none of those people liked it. But most likely literally not one person pirated your album. And if you’re talking about people actually stealing tracks and releasing them, I’d actually be 100% on your side if you posted proof. I also know some great lawyers who could win a case for you. You have nothing to lose by showing proof someone stole your track(s). You’d get that settlement if that’s all you wanted.

            As for who you are, I just walked outside and asked all 8.4M people in NYC and nobody knows who you are. You’ve got under 1000 plays on all your spotify tracks, and googling your name even with ‘music’ after it doesn’t lead to anything beyond your own website. If you had some credits that you were a legit artist I’d let you rants slide and get behind you. But you have nothing. Nothing that shows anyone is stealing anything from you. Nothing that shows anyone knows who you are. Nothing that backs up anything you say. I meet too many people like you. And again, I will gladly eat my hat and be on your side if you show just ONE single instance of someone stealing from you. That’s all I’ve asked about 10 times and all you do is write another way too long post about nothing.

          • Justin Mayer

            You are missing the point GGG but to be fair i am dealing with a situation that i guess seems very few people even know exists and that few before me have dealt with. I know that sounds crazy and unbelievable, and it can be used to others advantage. Im trying to avoid publicity, im trying to avoid litigation, and i cannot be certain whether people are trying to see if i actually do have any evidence or whether or not im fishing, therefore i am careful.

            The way i play? Ill send warning shots across their bows but i wont show my real hand until the last millisecond.

            I am not anti major anti label anti government pro pirate lets anarchy everything fire sale at all, im professional!

            That’s good to hear how youve played it, didnt work for me as i got cornered early and then extorted and exploited,so that would mean you are very likely not involved in this situation at all, knowingly, and i would thank you for that.

            It does mean however that this is well above your pay grade, and while people cant stand hearing that and possibly makes me appear arrogant, you should feel blessed that i am coming down to this level to spread some serious information that otherwise would be restricted under an NDA! Im Presedential like that!

            My problem isnt from public pirating of my music. Mine has been shared around in person or over VPN, for the most part. I have no interest in going after pirates or downloaders or sharers of my music, thats a different problem, a digital network problem. Most of my story has been very private however has been aired publicly, its brutal, believe me. I didn’t want it to happen like this. But you wont find anything out there on the web about it or me, unless you know what to look for, and thats how i wanted it, so thats still good.

            I dont have a big internet presence, i choose not to and did so from day 1. None of that has anything to do with being a legitimate artist, never the less. My music had been with another distributor beforehand and just been up a few months with my new one, so my plays will show very low. That being said I dont promote my music, i dont market it or advertise it, i dont bug every blog and media outlet for attention, my SEO is mediocre simply because in Popular genres its hard to compete for front page popluarity and costs an arm and a leg, so that’s not the problem. And i don’t want to, i just like having it available in case i die. This is not the problem i am dealing with and my complaints have zero to do with the lack of supposed public awareness of my music.

            You are missing the point, average joe blows mostly wont have any idea who i am. But if you go talk to Onika Tanya Maraj who lives in NY, who is engaged in serious property theft for monetary benefit, mine certainly at the top of that list, while likely under an NDA, you might be able to grease some information out of her. I doubt she’ll admit to you what shes done and is doing, and i really tried to give them opportunities to stop so i wouldnt have to blast them, but cmon, if you know anything about the music industry you know cash money and young money are greasy and their actions often questionable.

            Im sure all of us would rather avoid litigation.

            There are many levels to fame GGG. Some people are publicly famous, im a different type of famous, again whether you believe me or not is besides the point, im just sayin! If you choose to take me as being arrogant and narcissistic, then so be it, that doesn’t change the fact of the matter.

            I dont care about being publicly recognized for music, and since they are getting away with what they are doing, why would they call me for work? Why pay for something they are getting away with for free? We all know there are way too many cooks in the kitchen and way more writers then ever needed, besides, our negotiations hit a snag a while back and its been a stale mate for awhile, luckily they couldnt help themselves and my latest unreleased, unfinished and unpublished album has been used exactly as before and they have again publicly released and published music inspired, motivated and occasionally lifted from my masters. We are now in check-mate, and you can take on guess whos in check, and it aint me! 😉

            Believe me i get it man, with how many artists and bands whine like that and complain like that, begging and screaming for attention, knocking on every labels and publishers and producers door, its a PITA for those of us who are not delusional dreamers like many of them are. But what i deal with in my life and with these industries is likely significantly different then what you deal with, that being said anyone who knows anything will know what im talking about.

            I seriously hesitate to give you an example for knowing exactly what you will reply with.

            however, why not…

            One of the first times i really solidly caught them, through multiple different evidence streams, and i use them as just a catch all term, its not an us against them type thing, i really dont have anything personal against any of these people, they just messing with my money and my property, was with Justin Biebers U Smile..

            August 9, 2010
            Digital download
            November 26, 2009 Platinum Sound Recording Studios
            (New York City, New York)
            Triangle Sound Studios
            (Atlanta, Georgia)
            Blue-eyed soul
            Island, RBMG
            Justin Bieber, Jerry Duplessis, Arden Altino, Dan August Rigo
            Jerry Duplessis, Arden Altino

            Check the lyrics, listen to the song. They arent idiots, although i often goad them with saying as such, they obviously know well enough to, while being bold, keep it just questionable enough to those who dont know so that if something legal does come up they can raise enough reasonable doubt.

            Shocking that their version was recorded in New York!

            I will lay my life on the line that their U Smile song was inspired, motivated and lifted from our Hey Now song, which wasnt published or publicly released until 2013. I will not post any admissible or inadmissible evidence i have, nor will i name other names.

            HOWEVER, we had started making Hey Now well before their recording date, and it had gotten in some industry peoples hands before their version was ever recorded. So they shared it around, no big deal, however, to then have them use it as inspiration, motivation and blueprint for U Smile, and then to publicly release it and benefit from it monetarily when we had not given any permission, well, that was a bad idea on their part. It was a lesson, they said as such.

            Each person and corporation involved in that song is complicit and guilty. Whether a court of law will agree, well while i like to believe its fair and unbiased based upon the evidence submitted to court, with their power and conenctions and money and pull, i cant say beyond a reasonable doubt that id win, in a court of law.

            One advnatage i do have is that since Hey Now is under contract and copyright in the Jurisdiction of British Columbia and now Victoria, BC, well im pretty certain theyd just love to lynch up some old new yarkers. So who knows ya know…

            The reality is, you will laugh and use some other justification as to why im whatever you want to say i am and bieber and those crews will win more grammys and top more charts and have more models throw themselves at them, buying more mazartis and lambos living in mansions and all that. I mean Bieber shook the Prime Ministers hand, so ive got no chance and i know it, and im not jealous about it. The fact this has happened to me is justification enough to know im probably one of the most legit artists around. Your agreement or further attention changes my opinion not.

            Dissect the two if you like. Our version has changed from the one they used and lifted from. But you can see some decent resemblances. They should have waited until we published and released ours.

            Now ive caught them again, and the beauty is, soooooooooooooooooooo many people know now. If all that comes from it is their reputations take a hit and they maybe lose a bit of work and sponsors and respect from people, then that will have to do.

            There ya go GGG!!!! If you wanna just chit chat and talk shop or whatever, get at me man, im really a easy going peaceful guy, im just under serious pressure so i can be a bit crazy sounding. Im not looking for anything from you in any way at all, just that you start treating me as your equal and not some pissant that you appear to, because with what has happened, in music, im certainly much higher above you, from what reputable sources have told me. Whether the public credits and work and money say otherwise is another matter, sooner or later the word will get around…


          • GGG

            I can’t find that Hey Now song so I can’t really comment on whether or not I think it’s close to U Smile. However, I can say without offense that yes, there are plenty of people above my pay grade because I made a conscious choice to work with indie acts and grow them, however I can afford to live in NYC so I’m not doing too shabby. And part of that is because I know far more people above my pay grade that are fully willing to work with me, so my current income is far below what my rolodex would have you assume. So I can get higher level shit for lower level acts. But I’d love to meet your reputable sources that know me haha.

            Secondly, I deal with indie producers as well that work with major artists so the doubt isn’t in that people steal tracks/lyrics, of course I know that happens. The doubt is/was just when random people yell about it because we both know superfluous lawsuits/attempted lawsuits happen a lot, too.

            And the biggest doubt is because if it’s obvious, sue them. It seems like its been a long time, so they clearly don’t want to settle out of court. So take them, and it seems like its a slam dunk. The only reason I got on your case is because you’ve been saying this in so many articles’ comments for months now. It seems like its gotten to the point where you should just stop being nice and fuck them for fucking you. Plenty of lawyers would take a case like that pro bono for a cut of winning a case against song like that. It’s a JB track, there’s TONS of money to be won.

          • Justin Mayer

            Absolutely man, its all good!

            Let me just say im a man of respect and not to take anything i say or have said personally, i definitely can go off, especially when under serious pressure, and often appear to be something im not, so dont think for a second ive made any assumptions or judgements upon anyone, yourself included. i just love music man and respect and enjoy anyone that loves it too, so im disappointed, and ultimately as creators and producers etc. Im on your side! If we all would learn to stop infighting and competing with each other so much and so detrimentally, perhaps more moves could be made against the things that are affecting us all.

            Here is the tune http://plumminnow.com/?ms_song=hey-now . The date says 2014, i can change that whenever i want, just happened to be when i created that particular page.

            Yes it happened many years ago, but it takes time to build cases and connect enough dots to come to the reasonable conclusion that would lead me to publicly state as such, i choose to move as a turtle, and cmon its huge artists and labels so you have to be careful and im just so pissed that they are forcing me to take this position. I gave them somewhat of a Billy Martin, and they pacionod it. It kept happening, repeatedly, with the same level artists and people as the U Smile song and it is happening, to this day, right now as we speak, possibly more then ever!

            It’s not a concern over whether they are guilty as sin or not, it’s whether that kind of case and the ridiculousness of it is something smart to invest my time, money, energy, safety and health into and whether or not in a court of law i/we would win and if anyone would even want to touch it. I’m a long player.

            At the end of the day i just love music and prefer peace and i value my life a great deal and don’t want to see anyone locked up or going through nasty litigation and court or to bring that kind of HEAT upon myself. We all make mistakes, but continuing to make these same mistakes they are making becomes at some point irreversible. I assure you there is no intent or masterminded plan to sue someone for money. But i cant, broke and sick, continue to stay silent amidst even more and more of it, with another amazing record that i have, while they use to their monetary benefit amidst other things and continually throw it in my face!!! It leaves me little reason to even bother finishing it and releasing it and publishing it. I think i may have more leverage by not releasing it now and by never putting it on the internet anywhere.

            You need to know who you are playing and they are very good at what they do and they move very fast, so while i do degrade them a lot, i ultimately respect what they do and who they are. I do not respect their choices many times, but who am i to judge what one chooses and one does not. As mostly one sole individual, its certainly a david vs. goliath situation, i didnt want that.

            That’s not how i fuck! Shoulda known…

            The evidence clearly exists, whether or not it is inadmissible or not may be precedent no judge or jurisdiction is quite yet willing to make, especially with such high profile people involved.

  2. Anonymous

    But a grammaphone pumps out over 100 db with no volume control, (that’s way off to the left).

  3. soundguy

    Loudness is a function of signal level plus amplification. What this chart shows is only the decrease in dynamic range of recorded music. Search “Loudness wars” for all sorts of discussion on this, not a new issue.

    In the end, it’s up to the end user to control loudness with that little thingy called a volume control. But, I sure do wish that there was more dynamic range in popular recordings. But, since the average user listens on their phone, with crappy headphones and very limited power, low dynamic range recordings do allow them to hear better. A better solution would be to beef up the headphones and the output levels of the playback device, but reducing the dynamic range of the recording is certainly cheaper for society in general. The quality of the experience is the only thing to suffer……. ‘course that’s why most of my listening is at live shows, with my hand on the controls; come on out of the headphones and see a live show if you want to really experience music.

  4. Jim McCutcheon

    Where is this article?

    Where did they get thise data points?