This Synthesizer Is Controlled by the Weather…

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Quintronics (a.k.a. Quintron of the band Quintron and Miss Pussycat) has built an analog synthesizer that is controlled by the weather. The synth is called the Weather Warlock.

The Weather Warlock is a low voltage drone synthesizer that plays a constant E major chord. Slate says the sensors detect changes in sunlight, wind, rain, and temperature. Sounds are triggered based on these changes. For example: Electronic audio circuits approximate the sound of rain. The semi-conductivity of rain triggers LED lights. The LED lights trigger sensors that turn sounds on and off.The Weather Warlock has a livestream and broadcasts live most of the time.

The instrument will travel to Chicago, Brooklyn, and Art Basel in Miami in coming months.


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      ok. *copper wires carry the information from the sensors back to the main body which is at his house.