Hey Spotify: Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Is About to Go Platinum…

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Not one artist has released a Platinum-certified album in 2014.

Taylor Swift, whose 1989 isn’t available on Spotify, is about to become the first after just one week.

“Industry sources now forecast the album to sell at least one million copies in its first week,” Billboard reports.  “After its first day on sale, forecasters are confident 1989 will cross the magic, one million sales threshold.”Unsurprisingly, almost all of the sales are happening through the iTunes Store or Target, both of whom were granted huge exclusives in exchange for massive promotional pushes.  “Sources say 1989 is performing extraordinarily well in the iTunes Store and Target, with the latter carrying an exclusive version of the album with bonus tracks.”



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    Well, she is a long legged good looking marketing machine model born into and in bed with so many of the right people its essentially impossible for her to fail, no matter what she does or anything she could have done in life.

    And beleive me, i certainly do respect what she is doing, but shes in a bankers family, doing the math for her is probably fairly easy, and while id love to believe its some fist in the air stick it to em statement, i think its simply nothing more then how the numbers play out on the projected balance sheet.

    Some people draw the right stick in life and she certainly did. That doesn’t take anything away from her at all, its just the way it is, she seems to understand that for the most part.

    Of course her good girl image is totally sullied by some of the criminals she gets with, but id really have to take a good look back to see if she moentarily benefitted from the use of any of my unfinished unreleased unpublished property.

    Justin Mayer

    Plum Minnow

    • Nina Ulloa

      “id really have to take a good look back to see if she moentarily benefitted from the use of any of my unfinished unreleased unpublished property.”

      What are you talking about? Your website links are dead links.

      • DNog

        I think you owe N’Sync for that sweet Dirty Pop album title Justin…quit blabbing.

        • Justin Mayer

          Then you have just outed yourself as someone who has no understanding of anything.

          You don’t see me calling anyone out that has used any of my released published material do you?

          Of course Nsync would have no case as not only were they not the inspiration for my dirty pop album, its main premise has nothing to do with pop reallyz if you had any clue you would’ve known that. Even that being said, whatever they’ve done is released and published and essentialy fair game. That’s bow the game goes, your not knowing so does not change the fact.

          Go ask JT, he knows what goes around comes around.

          Just because an industry blogger has zero clue about what goes on in the industry does not make what I say untrue.

          I have multiple artists and their producers and labels all the way on the hook for massive property theft of unfinished unreleased unpublished PROPERTY that they ultimately used for their monetary benefit. It isn’t a question of guilt, I assure you those complicit in these crimes know they are guilty, its a question of whether a court will determine as such.

          Apologies on the broken links.



          • GGG

            Dude, we just went over this. Either sue them, write some article calling them out, or shut up about it on here. You don’t need to post this same shit in every comment section. We get it. People (allegedly) stole your music.

          • DNog

            GGG he doesn’t get it. He will keep ranting on and on to people on here that have no part or affect on the outcome of the “crimes” committed against him. Justin, the fact that you just acknowledged my clearly obvious joke about N’Sync as a serious statement shows how wrapped up in yourself you actually are. I have no problem with you stating your issues in a post or even two, but when you clearly go out of your way to make any topic on here related to your own agenda like TuneHunter/Remi does, it gets old and annoying. No one cares or is taking you seriously at this point. Quit shooting yourself in the foot, it’s pathetic to watch.

          • Anonymous

            First, GGG, bugger off bud!! If Paul wants to blacklist me then that is what he will do. He did ask for his comments section back, but a comments section is exactly that, a comments section.

            You dont own me and you have no authority over me and im not in any of your little posses or gangs okay?,
            As ive said before, you wanna shut me up, come shut me up tough guy, otherwise kindly ignore me. I tried to make peace with you and you continually slap me in the face, that gives me all i need to know. Thanks!

            EVERYTHING that happens in the music business and show business IS MY BUSINESS!!! ESPECIALLY when it includes my stolen property.

            Your opinion of me changes nothing.

            It isn’t alleged, obviously! I dont expect anyone to admit it publicly, but its a fact and the amount of corroboration im starting to see is incredibly heartwarming. Whether anything comes of it only time will tell.

            And i may be better off in the long run not suing and simply continually selling everyone out…

            If you didnt have anything to do with this, then stop sticking your nose in my business, else get caught out and sold out!

            I will reply when i want to reply how i want to reply with whatever i want to reply with!

            Come at me proper, i come back at you proper, come at me wrong, get got!

            And DNOG, you still dont get it do you? You leave me a fraction of a millimeter im coming on in and getting what i need… You make a joke at me and ill use what i need to make whatever point i need to make!

            Dont you get how i play? I used that PRECISELY to show you how the game works cleverly disguised midst other things.

            This is a music industry and technology blog uncovering information and scandals and business matters. Im giving this guy pure gold on the steady, so it happens to be about me, sorry for having to talk about myself in an effort to obtain justice, believe me, everyone that actually knows me, knows im anything but!!! What yall claim me to be and the gossip and rumors being spread is exactly that, gossip and rumors, believe whatever you will. Besides, aint like any of yall are helping me…

            Most of yall come around here to get the goods, i just happen to be giving them to you. You dont like how i deliver them, so instead of putting your egos and pride aside you get your backs up and act and talk a fool. Its one of my moves, just to see whos man enough to read through all this and understand im as on the level as it gets, and the best part is i tell yall right to your faces and you STILL choose either not to believe it or to perpetuate your lies. If it was someone else suffering the injustice i would much prefer to talk about them believe you me!

            If i was really truly that into myself dont you think i would have taken the deal a long time ago? OHHHHHHHHHH thats right, the record deal, a long time ago, i would have taken, if i was that fucking into myself!

            Go listen to my ‘Im Professional’ song and get the jist! Oh wait it isnt finished released or published yet, so youll have to go find one of the possible complicit parties to hear it then wont you?

            Shoot myself in the foot? Why would i do that? Those complicit parties do that enough to me, luckily im fast on my feet so my shoes aint got no holes in em! However im like Gatling gunning them to get em dancing and their feet are bleeding bad cause they just carrying so much baggage they cant move as fast…

            I can give it to you any way you want it, so, how do you want it?

            Justin Mayer

            posted while listening to ‘Im Professional’


          • GGG

            I did ignore you 18 out of 20 times you’ve posted this same thing in different articles in the last week.

          • There is something...

            Am I the only one to think this dude is just trying to promote himself with all this nonsense ? A promotional stunt, that’s what it is… Nothing more…

          • DNog

            Like I said in my previous comment. I have no issue with you speaking out about your issues with the industry or how it’s wronged you and other artist to your knowledge in a post or two. But putting it in every post you comment on basically annoys everyone. Sure, it’s the internet and you don’t have to care what people think about you or how they view the “gold” you’re giving them, but just like this post about T Swifts new album, the next one won’t be about it. So you’ve stated your points on the music industry once again, making a post about T Swift’s new album somehow about yourself. Now when the next article is posted try and maybe post something informative or opinionated on just the topic at hand. Try reeeeaaallllyyy hard not to post about yourself, because your name isn’t in the headline and no one is coming here to read about you. Contribute to the topic only and not your agenda. Thats basically it. Let’s see if you can do it. If I don’t read about you posting about yourself again I will literally buy everyone of your albums on iTunes, as bad as I personally think they are. There’s some real gold for you.

          • GGG

            Let’s assume for one second that you aren’t an insane person.

            What good do you honestly see in posting ambiguous claims against random megastars for music you claim to have made? I’m being 100% serious here. Everyone on this blog worth their shit knows theft happens all the time in music. We don’t doubt that. So WHY do you post this same non-specific shit in every comment section? What do you honestly aim to gain out of this? It doesn’t tell anyone anything they don’t already know. And it doesn’t point to anything specific that we could actually judge/get behind. The problem people have with you is that a total nut job (again, assuming you aren’t one) could post these same things about anyone, and it’d be equally as (un)convincing.

            Your posts just mean nothing to anyone because it’s shit any random person could say. I can start writing 5000 word posts about how I actually wrote “Let It Go” from Frozen and it was stolen from me, and it’d mean as little as whatever you claim. Nobody is calling you a pussy, we’re just saying show the proof or shut up about it because nobody gives a shit until that proof is shown.

          • DNog

            Justin would you consider yourself more of a giant douche or a turd sandwich?

  2. David

    So far as I can see, everything available on iTunes is also on Amazon. I’m not sure, but I think Target has an exclusive version with some commentary from Taylor. No biggie.

  3. Chris H

    Weren’t we just wringing our hands just recently that sales were dead, the idea of sales was dead and the idea of platinum hits were dead.

    Maybe we just need products the public wants (regardless of what anyone personally thinks of said product).

    • jj

      Or this is more proof that streaming cannibalizes sales… the best selling stuff is either windowed or withheld completely from shity streaming platforms.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed, windowing is the best release strategy ever!

        Too bad it isn’t possible anymore if you sign with YouTube Music Key — your entire catalog will be available for free on YouTube on release day.

  4. Anonymous

    She could record one of her farts and it would go platinum.

  5. Adam

    Paul – does Spotify even care? If a handful of artists hold back each year does it hurt them?

    Based on the info they’ve released their growth is pretty stable and these things don’t really matter to them one bit.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Paul – does Spotify even care?

      Yes, they do.

      If a handful of artists hold back each year does it hurt them?

      Yes, it does. Depending on the audience but artists like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Black Keys, and Adele matter.

      Based on the info they’ve released their growth is pretty stable and these things don’t really matter to them one bit.

      You don’t know that. Or if you’re from Spotify and think you know that, you’re drinking too much Kool-Aid.

      • Adam

        Ok. So maybe they do care.

        But just because a Beyonce or Taylor Swift hold back does it mean their fans won’t use Spotify at all?

        I just wonder what the real effect on them is when this happens. You seem to make a huge deal out of it but I’m not sure it matters that much to them in the long run (And in the long run everyone does seem to join them).

        • GGG

          Of course they care, it’s a huge artist withholding their music. But HOW much they care is probably severely overestimated on this blog, out of spite.

          There’s a point where windowing won’t even matter and that’s what Spotify is shooting for. Still hurts them a bit now and in the near future, but as (if) you get closer to 100M users, not even Taylor Swift will want to window. There won’t be any point.

          • Adam

            Thanks GGG. That’s a reasonable answer.

            (And you didn’t even have to attack me like the other respondents).

        • Anonymous

          “in the long run everyone does seem to join them [Spotify]”

          Adam, that is the very point of windowing! Please allow me to repeat my little crash course in the concept:

          Most acts sell most of their music during the first weeks and months after release.

          Now, if you give your songs away during this critical period, you will suffer a certain amount of cannibalization (people don’t buy your music because they can get it for free without breaking any laws). Nobody knows the exact ratio, but you would lose money even if it were as low as 1 to 100 (it takes 100-140 Spotify streams to balance the loss of 1 sold song). And nobody claims the ratio is that low.

          So a lot of smart people thought about this for a while and the smartest among them — people like Beyoncé, Adele, Coldplay, Black Keys, Daft Punk, Taylor Swift and their teams — realized that windowing was the way to go:

          Windowing comes in all shapes and sizes, but it generally means that you keep your property away from Spotify, or similar services, during the most critical period in the lifespan of a record — and that you make it available on these services as soon as sales begin to drop.

          That’s how artists make money today.

          • doktor audio

            Windowing only works as long as nobody has heard of it. The more often you explain the concept, the more people are likely to wait for the free stream release.

      • John Bowditch

        Taylor Swift has been the highest selling artist for the last two years, this album would have gone platinum regardless if it was available on Spotify or not. Who knows, if it was on Spotify it might have already gone platinum.. the data facts are that albums available on Spotify sell more physical copies than not.

        Also, of course Taylor Swift is going to sell more albums, she’s in a genre where americans feel patriotic to buy her stuff and support one of their own (not country, but her marketing positioning is definitely girl next door)

        Just saying, I had a lot of respect for DMN before this headline

    • Anonymous

      Does Spotify care that the best selling artists in the world — including Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Adele — are windowing?

      Does Spotify care that these artists proved to the industry that windowing is the most powerful release strategy ever?

      Does Spotify care that windowing turned the service into a museum?

      What do you think? :)

      • Anonymous

        Oops, you beat me to it Paul… :)

        It’s just mindblowing — how can anybody ask that question…

        • Adam

          I ask because I don’t see any proof that they do really care or that it really hurts them.

          Just curious really.

          • Anonymous

            Nah, they really love to be a museum. New slogan: Oldies but goldies.

      • GGG

        I only went three albums down, but the next 3 listed NEW releases after TS on iTunes were all on Spotify.

        So, as always, your museum comment continues to be stupid.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly my point, GGG — Swifties don’t like museums.

            They want instant gratification.

          • GGG

            Yea….except what part of it’s clearly not a museum if you actually do the least amount of research necessary. At this point, I’m not even defending Spotify here. But for you to keep saying it’s a museum because 1 artist every couple weeks out of hundreds of new releases windows.

            If you want to go through every new release that came out the last month and show me a substantial amount more were not on Spotify, I’ll start calling it a museum. But you won’t win; you’re just wrong and continue to harp on such a stupid thing.

          • FarePlay

            You young, energy drink swilling commenters are so eager to label everyone with some time as old and out of touch. Like you’ve had the time to figure everything out.

            The deal with Spotify has nothing to do with the future, it has to do with money and whether it has anything to contribute to the future of music. You establish a “free” business, built on the old framework of Napster, with even the same direct and peripheral players involved, and you think you’ve created something new, the business of the future?

            I give BMWs away and the line would stretch from here to whatever sink hole you live in.

          • Anonymous

            “You young, energy drink swilling commenters are so eager to label everyone with some time as old and out of touch”

            The funny part is that pop is about teenagers, and teenagers have zero patience for old guys like GGG and Mr. Ek who won’t give them what they want — when they want it.

          • GGG

            Wait, what? This makes 0 sense. How am I not giving people what they want when they want? I put music on iTunes and/or YouTube and/or Spotify and/or Amazon and/or Bandcamp etc etc. If someone can’t find what they want when they want they are fucking idiots.

            If anything streaming is more on demand than buying on iTunes, though its pretty much the same thing…

            Seriously, what the hell is this supposed to even mean…haha

          • Anonymous

            “How am I not giving people what they want when they want?”

            You’re constantly defending a company that doesn’t give kids what they want when they want it.

          • GGG

            Uh, ok, and when have I ever been anti-iTunes or anti-getting music anywhere else? I don’t give a shit where people get music. So how exactly am I holding people back? Not to mention, the whole point of growing streaming will do away with the need to window anyway.

            Sorry, you’re really grasping with this one…

          • GGG

            PS-Again, show me stats that back up that spotify is “constantly not giving kids what they want.” Do some research, look at 100 records release in the last month and see how many were kept of Spotify. If you can even show me half, let alone some vast majority, I’ll start calling it a museum with you. But you won’t. You’re wrong. Deal with it.

            And yes, some more superstars will continue to window, it makes all the sense in the world for them. But don’t ignore the other 100 albums that come out when the next one does.

          • GGG

            I’ll give you a million dollars if you quote where I said he was old and/or out of touch in that post. I said he’s wrong about something he most likely IS objectively wrong about. If you can show me data that more new releases are kept off spotify than are on day of release, I’ll gladly call it a museum. But until then, that argument makes no sense, even if you do hate Spotify.

            It’d be like me saying the Giants are a shitty baseball team because I’d rather see KC win. That’s just objectively wrong no matter how much I want them to lose.

            I also find it funny you attack me for labeling people, while you label me something that’s just plain dumb. I haven’t had an energy drink in probably 8 years. Try again.

          • Anonymous

            Think of Beyoncé, Adele & Ms. Swift as school teachers. Here’s what they’re telling the kids:

            Spotify doesn’t care about you.

            That’s an incredibly powerful message. And the kids listen.

          • GGG

            I understand windowing plenty. But for such a harmful, worthless outlet, why put their shit on there at all? Why is 21 up there? Why is TS’s last one up there. Hell, why are ALL her past albums up there?

          • FarePlay

            GGG for someone “who doesn’t give a shit where people get music” you spend a great deal of time endorsing Spotify. Now let’s be transparent here. Are you on their payroll or getting special treatment for the bands you, do whatever you do, to promote, support, book or whatever.

          • GGG

            We’ve gone over this before, but it’s been a while so I’ll say it again. I use Spotify more as a catch-all word for streaming, as it’s the biggest one, than I do because I have any real loyalty to it. If I were to buy a Sonos player with Deezer I’d probably be all about that, and maybe I will be al about Deezer in the near future. I argue for Spotify because it’s the biggest and most prevalent service.

            And the reason I even argue it is because we are in this shitty purgatory of shit sales AND shit stream rates. We need to get out of this. And I personally don’t see digital sales coming back seeing as all tech is moving towards clouds. So I want to move forward to get as many people streaming as possible. Which is why I shit on Spotify for their terrible marketing all the time. They’re so bad at it.

          • FarePlay

            What you don’t understand GGG is that Internet streaming is a dead zone.

            Now, Sirius XM, who has no right to stiff artists and does, at least has a business plan that makes sense. Try it for a few months and pay. They have been around a long time and have scrapped hard, but they are a real business that charges real money to listen. They’re even raising subscription rates in January to cover paying for all the pre 1972 music they’ve been scamming.

            And not five bucks, either. It is going to be $17.

  6. Anonymous

    Target is actually running ads for 1989 on TV. Taylor probably didn’t have to pay a thing for them? Good for her.

  7. Anonymous

    The whole CD isn’t windowed. The key single Shake It Off is on Spotify. And it’s in the #1 spot with $700k in revenue.

    • FarePlay

      Of course, that’s the way to do it. Listen up all you indie guys. Put one track on Mortify and get people to come to your band’s site and sell them downloads or CDs.

      As an aside. I bought my first Taylor Swift CD at Starbucks this morning. Why? The CD got a number of good reviews and of course I want to support any artists who just says no to a bad deal.

      • GGG

        I’m glad you support the artist who just moved into a $20M apt in NYC and not the indie guys that you claim to defend so much. Thanks bro.

        • Me

          According to FarePlay, Taylor Swift is the more punk rock than any other artist in New York.

  8. SpotiDJ

    Do you guys really believe that people buy an album because it is not on Spotify? Ask around. Hard to find someone who acts this way. The majority has no trouble in finding other sources.

    • GGG

      With an act like Taylor Swift, or anyone at a certain level, there will be a certain amount of people who will still say “fuck it, I’ll buy it.” And at the rates Spotify pays out, it certainly generates a lot more money. However, in my opinion you’re right. People on this site really overestimate how many people are going to go around buying 100 CDs every year if Spotify were to cease to exist.

    • There is something...

      Speaking about devaluating the music… Mr. FairPlay must but damn proud to support artists that sign on that kind of deal.

      • FarePlay

        Hey there is someone. You’re not subbing for JW are you? He likes to play with the spelling of FarePlay too.

        • There is something...

          Nice try at avoiding the real issue. We’re still waiting for your opinion about how Miss Taylor refuse to sign “bad deals” with Spotify but is happy to sell her brand new album for $1.

          • Name2

            About a dozen people across the globe use the service/platform required to get the 99-cent deal?

            I think it’s cute that Microsoft is getting back into music. I’m still waiting for that Dionne Warwick track I downloaded for FREE when Win98 was released to actually work.

  9. FarePlay

    You must be joking, if you think I have any obligation to answer any of your questions. What a dick to say that and not answer mine.

    What’s there to answer? Obviously someone made a very lucrative branding deal with microsoft. Even your brain isn’t that small. I mean what’s your point?

    Now, answer my question.

    • Anonymous

      Well since Microsoft believes popular new music is worth 99 cents an album, who are we to judge if people follow along. :)

  10. Name2

    Oh Noes! I can’t haz moar Taylor Swift and Beyonce?

    That’s IT! I’m unsubbing from streaming. (LOLz).