Ex-Grooveshark Employees Raise $950,000 for Their Startup…

I bet this group of ex-Grooveshark executives are glad they jumped ship…

A couple of years ago a team of Grooveshark employees left the company to found a startup. Former Grooveshark Chief Revenue Officer Isaac Moredock was one of these employees.

+Grooveshark Wants to Help Struggling Artists Find Local Gigs…

Moredock is now Co-Founder and CEO of Tandem, the startup the group has been working on since 2012.

Tandem is a service for ecommerce companies that provides and organizes data and sales information. The service also allows companies to target surveys to specific groups of customers.

TechCrunch reports that Tandem has raised $950,000 in funding. $300,000 came from The Institute for Commercialization of Public Research. Other investors include Launa Stayer of Johnsonville Sausage.


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  1. Annonymous

    So…..looks like you guys are continuing with your relentless and childish attacks on GS. Lame. Boring. Yawn.

  2. Willis

    Where can I send my “investment” aka money that I just don’t want any longer and am cool that I’ll never see it again?

  3. anony-mouse

    I seriously wish Nina would go work for torrentfreak instead of turning this site into yet another freetard cheerleader rag.