Kobalt Writers in Europe Make More from Spotify than iTunes…

Kobalt has released a few graphs that show the increased importance of streaming’s impact on payouts. For the first time, Kobalt European publishing income from Spotify has surpassed that of iTunes.  Kobalt has not shared U.S. income data, but streaming now accounts for 10 percent of Kobalt’s global publishing income.

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Graph 1_iTunes and Spotify income
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Graph 2_streaming share of global income
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4 Responses

  1. Interested

    Encouraging headline. But percentages aside, any word on if that means Kobalt is making more money in total? Downloads are down 13% this year (US) so it could be a bit misleading.

  2. Robbie Fields

    Na und?

    iTunes is all but irrelevant in an European context.

    With a greater population, sales are 5-10% of corresponding U.S. sales for paid downloads.

    It does not surprise me that Spotify is now delivering more mechanical income than iTunes and Amazon combined in Europe.

    The essential difficulty is that such income has little impact on the utterly destroyed mechanical income from physical sound carriers.

    We are so beaten down that we appreciate when Spotify now reports master income approximating to 10% of destroyed income from physical media. With the current ratio of 1:10 between publishing and master income, for give me for not singing Spotify’s praises. The absolute amount of money is still below the radar as far as I am concerned.