Garth Brooks’ New Digital Music Store Is Open for Business…

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In September, news of Garth Brooks’ new digital music store, GhostTunes, emerged. Brooks isn’t a fan of existing digital music stores, such as iTunes, so he launched his own store to release his music digitally for the first time.

GhostTunes has officially launched, coinciding with the release of Brooks’ new album Man Against Machine. Fans can also buy Brooks’ nine album back-catalogue for about $30.Billboard says that GhostTunes pays back 80 percent of revenue on sales, as opposed to the 70 percent that other services pay out. The digital store has licensing deals with Universal, Sony, Warner, The Orchard, and others. They say a large selection of independent music will come later this year. New albums from Tricia Yearwood, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, and many others are available on GhostTunes.

GhostTunes’ Garth Brooks-centered launch isn’t going entirely as planned. Many fans have taken to the internet, complaining that when they download Brooks’ new album they get an empty .ZIP file. Others say the only solution is to download the album tracks one by one.

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9 Responses

  1. me

    Maybe if he wasn’t 10 years late to the game he’d have all these kinks worked out by now.

  2. Remi Swierczek

    Lucky he is! Made on old CDs and fortunate to have millions of loyal followers.
    Just small percentage of folks buying out of love or pity will make serious numbers!

    Milking of old cows will not save and for sure will not deliver NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY.

    Time to convert Radio and streaming to $100B music store.

  3. Lauren B.

    Ghosttunes is kinda the coolest thing ever! Glad someone had the courage to take on iTunes! Loving the new digital bundle. Thanks GARTH!

  4. Gregory

    i had my music instantly from GhostTunes. Love the new album Garth and love the new site!

  5. TempoTrader — Launching January 1. Musicians keep 100% of sales.

  6. Brian Day

    Ghost Tunes downloads do not work. The zip files are EMPTY!!! I just lost $30 to Garth’s new attempt at selling his music his way! Where I play my music, there is no Internet and my iPad cannot play from an EMPTY Zip file.

    What is that about???

  7. Teri

    All this for an extra 10% on the music Garth? How much money do you need? Feels like you are sticking it to the working people that have supported you all these years. Just make your music easy to get for cryin out loud.