Jason Aldean Removes His Latest Album from Spotify…

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Jason Aldean, one of country’s largest superstars, has now removed his latest album from Spotify.  The album, Old Boots, New Dirt, received a record-setting three million streams on Spotify during its first week, a record for a country release.

Aldean initially delivered a Spotify-exclusive version that contained track-by-track commentary, though that heavily-streamed version is now history.

Aldean’s label, Broken Bow Records, has declined to comment on the matter, though Spotify confirmed the removal was deliberate.

More as this develops.

16 Responses

  1. Me

    Too bad for him… That just leaves more money for the artists not taking revenue streams away from themselves.

    • Anonymous

      I think most everything is still on there. Only a single album seems to have been pulled from a single service.

  2. Anonymous

    I would say Broken Bow Records removed the album. Not Jason Aldean.

    • FarePlay

      As was said before with Taylor Swift. The label may have removed the record, but the artist was most certainly part of the process.

      Giddy-up little doggie.

  3. Chris H

    I’d like to see enough high profile artists to do this, so we have enough of a statistical basis to draw conclusions from. I suspect that is why Mr. Ek is trying to get out in front of this.

  4. Name2

    Where oh where will I now get my minimum daily requirement of down-home, cowboy-hat Nashville-peddled goodness?

    If this keeps up, all the faux country acts will be gone soon. Awesome.

  5. Eurosmart

    Q: How many country musicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    A: 10. One to screw in the light bulb and nine to sing about the old bulb.

  6. Willis

    Seems like artists are taking this kind of action to get headlines more than anything else.

  7. Anonymous

    Windowing makes sense for some big artists with new releases. Why do we continue to rehash this?