SoundHound Redesigned Their App…

Shazam is integrated right into iOS. Ask Siri what song is playing and she’ll use Shazam to figure it out.

Now, competing music detection app SoundHound is trying to pick up more iOS users.

SoundHound has redesigned their app on iOS and Android. The redesign has more visual appeal, and integrates better with the look of iOS 8. SoundHound says the app is now “optimized” for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The new app provides easier access to relevant content, including related songs, videos, and charts.

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Beats Music has also been integrated into SoundHound’s iOS app (though their image confusingly shows a Beats Music ad on Android). Users can tap on songs in SoundHound to launch them in Apple-owned Beats Music, a service with an uncertain future.

SoundHound says they now have 230 million users globally.


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3 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Only Shazam beats them in user numbers and stupidity!

    Together with Google Voice Search, Gracenote and lyric ID providers they have over two billion users and function as the biggest retardant of the music monetization. For one tune sold at iTunes, Amazon or Google Play 30 to 40 goes to pirates.

    Those nerds (Google too) have to be fired as the PIMPS of the music industry and hired as a most overpaid cashiers of new discovery based $100B music business. SIMPLE! Radio and streaming operating as a music store is our future.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely, web reality makes you a certified owner the minute you know the name of the tune or few words of lyrics! You do not have to be scientist to point proper place of our music ID friends in the music industry.

        Our future is bright if we can evict the NERDS from the biggest industrial kindergarden I ever seen.