Hey Songwriters: Check Out Tim Westergren’s 17-Room, 14-Bathroom Vacation Home

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Somehow, we don’t think Aloe Blacc will be living next door.

All told, Tim Westergren’s proposed vacation home  in the woods of West Marin will sprawl across 8,297 square feet of land.  If approved, the Pandora founder will enjoy a collection of 17 rooms and 14 bathrooms that traverse two main houses, with a pool house, music studio, meditation hut, and caretaker unit also part of the complex.

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Westergren has already purchased the land, though West Marin residents are ardently fighting against the proposal, especially given the massive footprint, tree-cutting requirements, and water-draining bathrooms.  Residents will vote on the plans in January, though given the massive property taxes, this will probably pass.

Westergren and his wife, Smita Singh, sent this note to nearby residents.

Dear neighbors,

We wanted to check in, say hello and let you know how excited we are to begin the process of building our home in your lovely neck of the woods.  Our program will be light on the land, and will be sustainably designed and built.  We are big believers in integrating a home with its natural environment — minimizing the disturbance of both the land and the surrounding community.


22 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Highest form ignorance and arrogance!

    He would be excused with Pandora operating as a simple discovery based music store!
    $5B in annual revenues and happiness for all including stupefied shareholders feeding his ego.

  2. Name2

    And does Irving Azoff spend his days cooking on a hotplate in an SRO hotel????

  3. Anonymous

    He’s the CEO of the largest Internet radio company in the world. Taylor Swift is also has a massive summer home. But I get it, only artists are allowed to make money from music. I’m all for fucking over the rich man, but lets fuck over everyone who buys these kinds of homes.

    • Anonymous

      He is a CEO of the second to YouTube music shredder, or still legal and consensual user/abuser!
      Labels /YouTube/Pandora/Spotify deal in relationship to most musicians is a act of ignorance or semi-criminal activity.

      Italian government just confiscated large chunk of mafia’s property.

    • Versus

      It’s all fine as long as he is properly paying out to rights-holders.
      Otherwise, this looks really greedy.

    • FarePlay

      Taylor Swift creates something. Pandora’s an aggregator, with software programs that make song selections.

  4. Anonymous

    So Paul, if some sucker bought DMN for say, $50M, how much would you keep, and how much would you give to Nina and Ari and all us commenters? You certainly don’t do enough independent research to qualify as a journalist, so we all collectively bring more value to this site than you.

    So you’d practice what you preach and give away about $49M, right?

    • Point

      I think the real question is how much would Paul give to artists, pandora, and spotify for supplying him with all of the content for this site?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      You’re inferring all of these opinions and accusing me of high-horsing, based on a simple post about a proposed vacation home. Well, I just think it’s funny that Tim is building this monstrous residence with such amazing largesse, while actively trying to pay people like Aloe Blacc even less.


      Sure, I took all the same economic classes you did, I know how copyright law works and how Pandora is trying to influence it and lower their costs. Pandora isn’t a charity or non-profit , they’re not breaking any laws (that I know of).

      But Tim has personally sent letters to musicians telling them that they’d be making more, if royalties are lowered. Musicians aren’t accountants, they oftentimes don’t understand the nuances of copyright law, and worse, are frequently swayed towards bad things by passionate arguments and swindlers. That’s the history of the recording industry, so it’s sad to see this new chapter being added to the same old, reprehensible book.

      The reality is that Pandora routinely exploits loopholes and tries to massage members of Congress to lower royalties. They do this while cashing out as many shares as possible of Pandora, and ramping up free users as much as possible to excite Wall Street. But this isn’t how long-term, value-building companies, investors or executives behave. This is a cash-out manipulation.

      I guess that’s fine by the law, but to pretend that Pandora is out to help artists is a fairytale, and unfortunately one spun by Messrs. Westergren and other Pandora executives. I’ve even heard interviews in which Westergren seems to have this Messianic vision of who he is, and what he’s created. Everyone has a right to inflate themselves and be insanely wealthy; but that doesn’t mean I can’t comment on the ethics involved.

      That’s all.

      • Anonymous

        haha, putting “hey songwriters:” is sooo objective, and Tim’s house is sooo important in regard to digital music news….I don’t even know why you so often try to act like your headlines or tone of articles aren’t biased, everyone knows they are. And you don’t even hide it all the time, so why even bother now or at all?

        The vast majority of posts on this site are you just paraphrasing other articles, simply reposting them, or throwing some list up there. With photos you use under fair use. So you’re doing the same thing; following what rules you can to spend as little money as possible and make as much as possible. You’re no different than Tim or any other business leader, you just make far less money. Or did you send a royalty check to the artist behind these mock-ups?

        • jj

          Hi Tim, go fuck-off and live in a mansion under the hill… oh wait, that’s just ONE of your vacation homes…

  5. The Point

    Tim follows the rules, he didn’t create them. And trust me, I don’t respect the guy’s attitude toward artists but that’s an entirely separate issue.

    One day musicians will focus on the real issues and stop wasting energy on things like this. Let me help get you started, where does the hundreds of millions of dollars Pandora pays out go?

  6. MB

    I think the real question is, “why does a 17 bedroom house need 14 bathrooms?”

  7. Willis

    What is the point of this TMZ-style story? If someone makes money, let them spend it how they want. Sheesh!

  8. Max

    Oh Man…. He’s gonna regret the manitenance, the hastle, headaches…or get nibbled alive by ad hoc maintenance peeps out there. Oh Well …Gotta get into assets…

  9. jeff price

    I think the point is this. This is a person that founded and ran a company whose mission has been to lower revenue for musicians by lobbying congress to pass a law that decrease the amount the artist makes.

    As he was doing this, he was publicly stating he supported artists.

    Now he gets a financial pay off through the exploitation of the artist.

    Jeff Price

  10. kerry rose

    at least two issues I see, separate, but related: (disclosure, I was a West Marin (Inverness) resident for years and still have family and friends out there) –

    1) The hubris and lack of cultural or community awareness this displays I think may point to a similar disconnect from the the folks that butter his bread (read: artist, rights holders). Ironic that Tim Weed, local virtuoso Banjo player, has a home across the street from this proposed McMansion (and is protesting the imminent demise of the surrounding forest), does an insane amount of ‘giving back’ and will likely never see a dime from Pandora

    2)Many of you folks have made similar comments, but it bears repeating: The presumption of the availability of this ‘content’ (read: music), the ability to monetize it and not share or give back a reasonable amount of revenue in order to fertilize the eco-sytem is not just short-sighted, but greedy and kinda evil.

    [bonus] – If I was rich, I would built a fat pad in one of the most beautiful parts of the world for sure, but Mr. Tim is gonna need one huge septic system to support his private B&B, and will need a disguise to wear out in the community cuz folks be vicious in that neck o’ the woods – trust me!

  11. TruthSeeker

    Paul Resnikoff

    Sure, I took all the same economic classes you did, I know how copyright law works…. and how Pandora is trying to influence it and lower their costs….”

    Eh, not really….

    The reality is that the RIAA and NMPA routinely exploit loopholes and massage members of Congress – FAAAR more than Pandora ever could – to raise costs to distributors and lower royalties they pay to artists.

    They do this while cashing out on huge salaries and as many shares as possible of their companies, and trying to maintain a dead business model while ignoring, or worse, trying to extinguish, the inevitable future – all the while telling their consigned artists (and Congress) that they are “protecting them.” This isn’t how long-term, value-building companies, investors or executives behave. That is a cash-out manipulation.

    I guess that’s fine by the law, but to pretend that ANY organization is out to help artists is a fairytale, and unfortunately one spun by you, Paul.

    I’ve watched you hatchet-job your headlines so that the most innocent and/or remote set of facts is entirely unethically twisted into completely sensationalist B.S. Apparently, everyone has a right to inflate themselves and try to prop up their little website with whatever immoral yellow journalism they want to stoop down to embrace; but that doesn’t mean we aren’t commenting on the ethics involved.

    That’s all.