Now You Can Remix Jessie Ware’s Latest Music Video…

jessie ware video
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Red Bull Studios have been pretty involved in Jessie Ware’s creative output. Ware recorded both of her albums in Red Bull Studios London and they have an ongoing collaborative relationship.

Red Bull had five producers remix “Keep On Lying”, a track from Ware’s new album Tough Love. These five producers met up with Jessie Ware to remix the track across the globe on five consecutive days. Red Bull uploaded the remixes and videos from the process.If that wasn’t enough, Red Bull Studios also collaborated with creative collective Golgotha on a CGI music video for “Keep On Lying”. They also created an online tool that lets anyone remix the video, setting it to one of the remixes.

jessie ware remix video
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Users can select from a number of different visual filters, altering scenes from the video. The video takes a while to load and render, but the results are pretty interesting.


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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    if jesse ware is talking to her beloved industry & label and team, then yes, they will just keep on lying girl, thats all they do, and steal of course, among other atrocities of course….

  2. Willis

    Wow, exciting and groundbreaking – not. The operating word in this is “can” as opposed to “want.”