Uber Partners with Spotify…

Spotify and Uber have partnered up to make on-demand music available during rides.

Spotify Premium subscribers can connect their Spotify account in the Uber app. When subscribers get a ride with a “Spotify enabled driver” they’ll have the ability to choose music from the Uber or Spotify apps. Uber drivers will have the option to turn off the feature at the start of their shift if they so desire (hopefully riders with bad music taste won’t ruin it for the rest of us).The integration will go live on Friday, November 21st in 10 launch cities. Cities include Singapore, Sydney, London, Stockholm, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, New York, Mexico City. The feature will be coming to more cities in coming weeks.


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  1. FarePlay

    What’s next. Macy’s dressing rooms? All the cabbies will have wanted pictures with Ek’s photo.