Beats Music Is Reportedly Coming to All iOS Devices

All signs have been pointing to a dramatic shift for Beats Music now that they’re owned by Apple. iTunes, iTunes Radio, and Beats Music are currently operating side by side under the eye of Ian Rogers.

Previous reports suggested that the Beats Music brand would be changed or axed, perhaps through an iTunes merger. Now we have a glimpse at what could be in store.

The Financial Times reports that Beats Music will be integrated right into iOS.

The service would still require a paid subscription, but it would be pushed out to devices in a software update. Financial Times sources say this could happen as early as March of next year. Beats Music will likely be rebranded as iTunes.Apple declined comment, but they’re reportedly trying to lower the price of streaming services to $5 a month.

Earlier this year Apple integrated Shazam into Siri in iOS 8.


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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    …while Spotify is about to self-destruct, and YouTube Music Key tries to get sued for pirating 20,000 songs.

    Interesting timing. You can almost see Steve Jobs smile…

  2. Anonymous

    We’ll all be clamoring for the days of half a penny per play from Spotify soon enough.

  3. WhaWha

    Ironically, the biggest corporation in the world is also the one that’s been the most fair to artists so far. Maybe they will be the ones again to make streaming work …

    • Casey

      I’m not sure if I would call a subscription service priced at $5 per month as being fair to artists. 70% of $5 is $3.50 per month. That’s not going to make for a very high royalty rate.

      Not to mention that if Apple is successful then other services will try to get similar licensing deals to compete. Including Spotify. Labels will either have to cave or risk giving Apple a monopoly over streaming. Apple’s near monopoly over downloads didn’t go so well.

      Apple might have just laid down the biggest hand yet in the race to the bottom.

    • Anonymous

      “Maybe they [Apple] will be the ones again to make streaming work”

      You never know — 800 million credit cards can’t be ignored.

      • Anonymous

        That 800 million number is rather meaningless. Google and Amazon both have an extensive number of credit cards on file. Wal-Mart probably has over 1 billion. They could have 8 billion credit cards on file and it wouldn’t really matter. It is up to the customer if they want to use it or not. Not Apple or Wal-Mart.

  4. Phil

    I just checked my CD Baby account and the first Beats Music payout shows that they are paying up to 2 cents per stream.

  5. FarePlay

    After the reaction to what was perceived as an intrusive promotion by Apple and U2, interesting to see that they also push Beats out to their customers.

  6. Willis

    Hooray…another preloaded app that I’m going to have to delete.