Executive Shuffles: YouTube, Justin Timberlake, PRS For Music…

Justin Timberlake is now co-owner of Aftermaster Audio Labs. The company focuses on enhancing and re-mastering audio. Timberlake said: “The first time I heard audio, post AfterMaster, I knew that I had to be a part of this company and that we had something revolutionary on our hands.”

YouTube has hired Kelly Merryman as VP of Content Partnerships and Eyal Manor as VP of Engineering.  Merryman was previously VP of Content Acquisition at Netflix.  Manor is shifting over from display infrastructure and mobile.

PRS For Music has appointed Stephen Davidson Chair of the Executive Board and External Director.  Davidson replaces Peter Bamford, who stepped down from the External Director position last month.


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4 Responses

  1. Paul Resnikoff

    So is the whole Justin Timberlake, MySpace Music thing dead?

    • Willis

      No. The MySpace brand is dead, but a new entity will rise soon that transfers old users to a new platform and brand.