Hey Spotify: Taylor Swift Just Sold 2 Million Copies of ‘1989’…

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Any questions?

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  1. Anonymous

    You know what’s actually sweet? The “the the”. 🙂

    That’s not the handiwork of an editor.

  2. MatejaPraznik

    And? Good for her and her label, I guess. Doesn’t change the reality of the music business for the majority of artists.

  3. so

    Not snarking here but my question would be how this story is relevant to artists / managers / labels other than Taylor Swift(‘s)?

  4. Name2

    DMN has gone Full Metal Tween not only in content but style. Expect #Blessed hashtags in headlines soon.

    But it’s an astute observation: the Swift-obsession is doing nothing to solve the structural problems for anybody but TS.

    the “Darjeeling Limited” soundtrack is not streamable on Spotify. Yet somehow, it has not moved 2 million copies. I’m confused.

    • FarePlay

      Yes you are. Confused that is. Are you new or just changed your handle?

  5. Seth

    My question is this… what’s the point of this post? Is it like a “gotcha” sort of thing?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      The point of the post is to report that Taylor Swift’s 1989 has sold 2 million copies. In the context of her Spotify pullout and stance on music monetization, that’s interesting.

      • JTVDigital

        But she would have sold the exact same number or probably more if the songs were available on Spotify.
        Completely pulling out from Spotify just creates a loss of revenue for her label, but it does not matter since all this story is about PR.
        Without these moves around streaming, this album would have been just another big release next to other ones of similar importance (in terms of revenue, reach and marketing investment).
        The difference here is that even mainstream media now talk about her album, which is usually not the case with a “standard” release.

        • Anonymous

          “But she would have sold the exact same number or probably more if the songs were available on Spotify.”

          Haha, yeah right…

          • GGG

            I actually agree with you here. She would not have sold that many.

            However, I don’t think that’s because people are buying INSTEAD of listening on Spotify. It’s because she was attacked by the media and tween fans of people like Swift are one step away from a cult. Therefore, they will actually go out of their way to be part of the Go Taylor team and buying a CD/DL is the least they can do. Other artists can try to replicate this but very few will do so to the same degree of success.

            And just like I said about Beyonce, it’s a strange thing when you praise someone with 71M FB fans selling 2M albums…

        • R.P.

          Exactly. Spotify does not make or break an artist like Taylor Swift.

        • FarePlay

          I think she’s financially OK. I see we have the snark patrol crawling out of the darkness. Now tell the truth, wouldn’t you have preferred to have grown up in a wealthy family?

  6. thanks

    The biggest artist on the charts is standing up! That’s as good as it gets.

    • FarePlay

      The relevance of what Taylor Swift did is palpable. An artist taking a stand for what she believed and while this site saturation with people with an agenda, me included, obviously her fans are not alienated by her actions.

      Last week a book publisher, Hachette, and the authors they represent stood together against Amazon and got what they wanted. Something seriously missing from singers and songwriters. I am hearing more and more indie artists pulling songs from Spotify and not having complete albums available on their service. Unfortunately, the majority of artists signed to the three major labels have no say and given the fact that the labels have an equity stake in Spotify casts a dark shadow on the industry.

  7. Play dude

    She should be selling 2 million +. She sold her soul and there’s only one Taylor Swift. No one else has her resources. She doesn’t represent or reflect a lot of other artists’ efforts or strategy.

    • Minneapolis Musician

      “Sold her soul”.

      Oh come on. That’s ridiculous.

      She’s just doing what any pop star does. Like the Beatles, Green Day, Nirvana, etc.etc. all did.

      She’s in the music BUSINESS. She’s marketing and performing.

  8. RIAAx

    2014 first 6 months—- download: $1.3 billion (down 12%)
    2014 first 6 months —-streaming: $859 mil (up 28%)
    2014 first 6 months —- physical: $898 (down 14%)

    source: RIAA

    2014 full year prediction —-download: $2.444 billion (down 12%)
    2014 full year prediction —-streaming: $1.959 billion (up 28%)
    2014 full year prediction —-physical $1.670 billion (down 14%)

    2015 prediction: STREAMING WILL BE KING

    #1 Streaming: $2.5 billion (up 28%)
    #2 Download: $2.1 billion (down 12%)
    #3 Physical: $1.5 billion (down 14%)

    Any question?

  9. JTVDigital

    Don’t worry Taylor Swift fans, you can still listen to this for free on the biggest streaming service in the world:

  10. Anonymous

    Taylor Swift doesn’t deserve the amount of money she is making. The sad thing about her music is it less then worthless on an artistic level.

    • FarePlay

      You’re right, Taylor Swift doesn’t deserve it. She earned it.

      • Anonymous

        You’d have more a point if we were talking about tobacco companies and drug dealers.

    • FarePlay

      I hope that’s not your girlfriend. That is one scary looking woman.

  11. jw

    Not surprised DMN passed on covering this… Taylor Swift’s YouTube views doubled after pulling music from Spotify

    Seems it could be easily argued that the free Spotify streamers just went to YouTube, where Taylor would be getting paid less per play. Clearly, even a low percentage of free Spotify users going out & buying the CD would net positive in the short term, but did she even convert that low percentage? This chart seems to bring into question whether the Spotify removal was a good business move. Perhaps she would’ve sold 2m regardless. (Which is pretty much what I’ve been saying all along.)

    Maybe the effect would’ve been more pronounced had she removed all of her YouTube videos, too, but what effect would that have on her marketing strategy, how would that affect the net return on producing these videos, & how would that affect her relationship with her fans? It’s starting to look like even a more dramatic stance wouldn’t have netted positive, either. As a rule, purchasers seem to be purchasers, & streamers seem to be streamers, whether it’s Spotify, YouTube, Grooveshark, or whatever. And maybe the best way to monetize these streamers is to leave your music on Spotify?