God Seems Pissed at Creed Singer Scott Stapp…

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Scott Stapp is the frontman of Creed, but the band has been on hiatus since 2012. The other members of Creed have not spoken to him since then. Stapp put out his second solo album about a year ago through Wind Up Records.

Now, Scott Stapp has posted a video to Creed’s Facebook page.

Stapp says he’s broke, homeless, and has had money stolen from him. Stapp has accused people inside and outside of his label of stealing royalties and other money.

He said he was then investigated by the IRS, who put his money on hold for an extended period of time. He also claims that someone hacked his bank account and stole money.

In the video Stapp, who is a recovering alcoholic, says he has remained completely sober.

Earlier this month Gossip Extra reported that Stapp’s wife filed for divorce. She allegedly said he’s been using drugs and has had erratic behavior. She requested emergency custody of their children, but the request was denied.

Stapp says that rumors of drugs and rehab are untrue and that he is being attacked.


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13 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    We all know he’s broke because of Spotify’s low streaming rates, amirite?

    • Bigdutch101

      Ehhhhh, probably not. He’s BEING ATTACKED! Oh the humanity. Guess the showers aren’t so golden.

  2. UGh

    Let’s make fun of some one who is obviously having mental health issue.


  3. Jena Edwards

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  4. Terri

    So sad and pathetic that most comments on so many of these sites poke fun at someone who
    is in desperate need of help and who obviously suffers from major mental illness. Nice.
    “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

      • AitchDee

        One doesn’t need to be a doctor to understand when mental illness is an issue…
        You just need to be a decent, caring human being.
        Try working on that. You’ll find it helps with your own issues.

    • Johnny Gagnon

      I seen his video many time over and this man is telling the truth Terri and therefore he is not suffering from mental illness as you are falsely propagating…. why do people like you find what he say’s so difficult to believe?
      (Haven’t you seen enough hollywood movies to get educated about the widespread corruption in your country and other countries?)
      I been in person with mob and let me tell anything and everything anywhere and everywhere can be manipulated and remanipulated …in all sectors of the institution establishment of society!
      P.S. when you been tagged to go down,trust you , anyone and everyone will go down , so stop thinking your only playing a stupid musical chair game …. and listen to the fat lady sing …..

  5. Johnny Gagnon

    using a term such as god as a symbol for IRS and mob …… is sick!
    get real,would ya?

  6. Willis

    Stapp needs to look into the reality mirror in order to understand how he got to where he is.