U.S. Government Loses Attempt to Revoke Kim Dotcom’s Bail

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Kim Dotcom’s legal battle with the U.S. has been a drawn out back-and-forth case. Dotcom was arrested in January 2012 in New Zealand due to charges filed in the United States. He has been on bail since February 2012.

The U.S. government recently claimed that Dotcom had violated his bail terms and should be held in custody.

A three day hearing was held, and the Auckland District Court ruled that Kim Dotcom hadn’t violated his bail terms and didn’t pose a flight risk.

The U.S. argued that Dotcom had indirect contact with an associate that he was not allowed to contact. They also said he was arranging to sell a Rolls Royce and was saving away money.

Dotcom’s lawyer said the Rolls Royce was not a seized asset. Authorities has previously seized a different Rolls Royce from Kim Dotcom.

The court did ban Dotcom from traveling in his private helicopter or in sea-vessels. He is allowed to travel by public or commercial transport. He also has to check in with police twice a week.


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      • Anonymous

        Live by the gun die by the gun.
        Stealing ppl art, distorting the market,
        Who is going to speak for your freedom,
        When they are bankrupt. These geezers
        Actually finding ways to use the Internet
        As a prison.

  1. Damien Y. Bizeau

    I don’t think you can drink booze in jail but music is allowed.