Get in-Depth Data on Your Listening Habits from Spotify

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Spotify has released data on their most-streamed songs of the year, but they’ve also created a tool that allows users to see data on their personal listening. I’m always interested in seeing stats on my own listening habits, and the graphs Spotify generated are well-designed and easy to digest.

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If you request the data, Spotify will create a personalized “My Year In Music” site. It provides data on top artists, songs, genres, albums, playlists, seasonal preferences, preferred platform, and listening by day of the week. Premium users can see more in-depth stats, such as artists by country of origin.

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7 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    They should THINK how to monetize music.

    This data collection is meaningless for Spotify or industry.

    Spotify and/or Radio can function as a brilliant music store!

    $5B IPO would follow

  2. Name2

    You listen an average of 3 hrs a day on the free tier? I’m on paid and I don’t have nearly that much time on my hands. For someone on the free-tier warpath, you sure do spend a lot of time at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

    • BanrWhal

      Not sure whether this is serious or a joke considering the average person listens to 4.05 hours of music..

      For someone who pays for spotify, you really under use it and are better off saving your money and cancelling your paid spotify.

  3. rickylopezGMT

    Where’s that fool who keeps posting up [optimistic] streaming projections for 2015? I’d love to see the projections on guff like this