The Top Selling Albums of Thanksgiving Weekend

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Top Selling albums of Thanksgiving weekend (includes Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the following Saturday and Sunday), according to BuzzAngle Music.

1. Pentatonix – That’s Christmas to Me

2. Taylor Swift – 1989

3. Sam Smith – In the Lonely Hour

4. Various Artists – Frozen Soundtrack

5. One Direction – Four

6. Various Artists – Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol.1

7. Maroon 5 – V

8. Idina Menzel – Holiday Wishes

9. Various Artists – Shady XV

10. Michael Bublé – Christmas

5 Responses

  1. Name2

    Still zero comments? Is everyone thinking what I am? Stick a fork in this shit, it’s done?

  2. Willis

    What this, and other lists show, is that people clearly have lost their taste in music and are ok with getting fed a steady diet or crap to listen to.

  3. Andrea

    Music is art and everyone has a different definition of art. Yes if I was to be honest to me some of these albums would not be considered art to me as opposed to a generic sound reused and pumped out through a new voice and face. But some of these kids do have good voices and perhaps they will start wanting to make quality, more unique sounds. However for the people who like this generic sound, which is apparently a lot, these artists are bringing in the cash due to the wide fan base and you can’t really squawk at that.